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Bravissimo is now launching the world’s first Boob School to help other women avoid falling into these booby traps


2013 may be the 100th anniversary of the brassiere, but it appears that the majority of UK women are making a series of boobs when it comes to their bras according to research published today.

The study of more than 1,000 women by retailer, Bravissimo, found that there are seven common faux pas that British women are making, namely; The Quadraboob, The Side Boob, The Ledge, The High Rider, The Big Stand Off, Saggy Cups and Super Drooper. In response to the findings, Bravissimo is now launching the world’s first Boob School to help other women avoid falling into these booby traps.

The most common faux pas experienced by women was The Side Boob (41%), where the wires in the cup of the bra sit on the boob rather than the ribcage causing the boobs to spill out over the sides of the bra. This was closely followed by The High Rider (39%), where the back of the bra is too loose and rides up and the dreaded Quadraboob (36%), caused by boobs spilling over the top of the cup, giving the impression of four boobs.

The research revealed that four in every five UK women admit to regularly experiencing at least one of the seven bra faux pas, all of which are a result of wearing badly fitting lingerie.

The likelihood of making a bra faux pas was also proportional to the size of women’s boobs, with bigger boobed ladies experiencing more problems finding a properly fitted bra and dealing with the challenges of having more to handle in the first place! The Quadraboob was the biggest pitfall for bigger boobed ladies, with 53% of women who were above a GG cup size falling prey.

The seven bra faux pas and the percentage of UK women who admit to having them are as follows:

• The Side Boob (wires in the cup sitting on your boob rather than your ribcage) 41%
• The High Rider (the back of the bra riding up) 39%
• The Quadraboob (bust spilling over the top of the cup, giving the impression of four boobs) 36%
• The Big Stand Off (the front of the bra doesn’t sit flat on the sternum) 28%
• The Super Drooper (not enough support, saggy boobs) 26%
• Saggy Cups (too much fabric creating wrinkly cups) 24%
• The Ledge (over uplift, transforming your boobs into something that resembles a ledge) 12%

Although all the faux pas identified could be avoided by wearing a good fitting bra, only one in five women said that they were extremely confident that they were wearing the correct bra size. This is unsurprising, as the study also identified several reasons why women continually experience such uncertainty about their bra size. Over a two year period, three quarters (77%) have lost or gained weight, 62% have changed their clothes size, 17% have gone through the menopause and 10% have had a baby, all potentially impacting upon their bra size.

However, despite the shifts in boob size that women are experiencing, 24% of UK women admitted to having never had a bra fitting and 21% haven’t been for a fitting for at least four years.

Bravissimo is now launching Boob School in a bid to help women feel brilliant about their boobs. Boob School will talk to women about their boobs, give advice on what they should be looking for in a perfectly fitting bra by following their simple lessons online, via a Facebook app or in store Women of the UK wanting to enroll in Boob School should visit Facebook Bravissimo's website or one of their 21 stores in the UK. (These will be live from Monday 4 March 2013)

Jo Lee, Buying and Marketing Director at Bravissimo, comments: “We’d noticed for some time that there were a number of booby traps women were falling into, normally because they’ve never experienced a proper fitting and they simply don’t know how to spot the signs that their bra is no longer giving them the support they need.

“By identifying the seven classic bra faux pas and launching Boob School, we’re hoping that women everywhere can become more knowledgeable about what makes a really good fitting bra, so they feel more confident about their bra size now and into the future and our brilliant British boobs can finally get the treatment they deserve!”

For the full research findings, Boob School case studies, supporting images or to arrange a fitting in a Bravissimo store please contact Sarah Brownless or Kate Pearson at Trumpet PR and Design (07988941020) (07894055959)

The Bravissimo research was conducted by Curiosity Research. 1155 women of all ages from across the UK completed the survey.

Other findings included:

➢ Around 2 in 5 women feel comfortable telling a friend that they’ve made a bra faux pas
➢ Woman from the North West would be the most likely to tell you with truth about your boobs, with 50% saying they’d tell their friend if they made a bra faux pas
➢ Women from the South West and those aged 51+ are the least likely to have a bra faux pas making friend
➢ A third of women have had a fitting in the last year. Half of those who are GG+ Cup size have had a fitting in the last year, the same applies to those aged 30 or under
➢ A quarter of women who hadn’t had a fitting in more than 2 years feel they simply don’t need a fitting, whilst a fifth are too embarrassed
➢ 4 in 5 women own more than 5 bras, less than half wear more than 5 bras regularly
➢ Three quarters of women like the way their boobs look in their bra

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