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More domestic support is of stronger appeal (53%) than flexible working provisions (39%) or supportive government legislation (35%)

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‘We need a hand with the housework’ says the majority of female breadwinners in new survey

---More domestic support is of stronger appeal (53%) than flexible working provisions (39%) or supportive government legislation (35%)---

26th March 2013, London, United Kingdom: A survey of 624 people published today (76% are female, 78% live in England and 60% of total respondents are the female breadwinner) highlights the daily challenges facing the breadwinner / main earner in homes around the world.

Commissioned by Jenny Garrett, author of Rocking Your Role: The How To Guide to Success for Female Breadwinners, and conducted independently online by Fully Booked PR in December 2012 and January 2013, the survey challenges our perception of ‘work-life’ balance and questions what is really required to balance our chaotic lives.

Calling out a housework SOS!
63% said the biggest challenge of being a breadwinner is achieving a healthy work-life balance. This was closely followed by having a lack of time to do other tasks such as keeping on top of the housework (58%), a lack of time to socialise with friends (48%) and money worries (44%).

When asked what would make their lives easier, as the breadwinner, more domestic support (cooking, cleaning, ironing etc) came out on top (53%). Flexible working provisions and more government legislation to support working men and women followed at 39% and 35% respectively.

According to a recent Pew study, men have taken on vastly more of the domestic workload than they did in 1965 — about two and a half times as much. However, Mums still spend about twice as much time with their children as Dads do (13.5 hours per week for mothers in 2011, compared with 7.3 hours for fathers, according to Pew).

Fathers who have a good relationship with their children and are happy to help out with household chores have happier marriages, according to another study (conducted by researchers from the University of Missouri and Utah State University in the US). The study warns of the pitfalls of dividing chores between husband and wife, finding that marriages were happier when couples worked together on each job.

Men, traditionally, are responsible for heavier jobs such as taking out the dustbin, while women tend to take on chores such as washing up and hoovering. This, say the researchers, is a mistake.

Go away guilt!
Guilt is an ongoing battle for breadwinners. 41% confessed they feel guilty about not spending as much time as they’d like with their children and 32% agree that they regularly feel guilty about how little time they get with their partner.

Family support for breadwinners stays strong
Despite our feelings of guilt, the majority of main earners admit they are getting plenty of support from their nearest and dearest. 79% of breadwinners’ partners are said to be either very supportive or supportive. 56% of the immediate family is very supportive/supportive and just over half of other family members show support to the breadwinner. Perhaps if this support translated into further domestic support, more breadwinners would edge ever closer to achieving their ideal work-life balance?

Jenny Garrett, author of Rocking Your Role, says: ‘I see women falling foul of the syndrome on a daily basis, dropping like flies as they leave the train station: “I might as well do it myself as no one can do it as well as me,” “I have a handle on it all”, “If I have to stay up until midnight catching up on my work so that I can attend music practice with my child it’s worth it”. These are all familiar mantras and need to be challenged to avoid people burning out and becoming ill. Work-life balance does not mean working like a dog in the first half of your adult life and then sitting back and reaping the rewards in the second half…at least not for most of us.’

--Notes to editors—

The Breadwinners 2013 White Paper is available for members of the press upon request: from March 26th 2013. It contains the survey results and analysis covering further questions and more detail.

You can also download the White Paper at

Jenny Garrett, author of Rocking Your Role, is available for interview and editorial commissions.

Images, sound bites and copies of Rocking Your Role are available for the media.

Please note that the total responses for each question may go over 100%, as respondents were invited to select more than one option relevant to them in many of the questions.

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