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Research from a money saving website in the UK has revealed that 67% of Britons are more likely to brag about snapping up a bargain than they would be about buying a big name brand item or expensive product. Furthermore, 49% of respondents said that they were more likely to search for a bargain now than they were one year ago; suggesting that financial circumstances have changed somewhat for people.

The study, commissioned by, polled 1,246 UK adults as part of ongoing research into consumer shopping behaviour and spending habits.

Respondents were initially asked 'Do you regularly look around for the best deals when shopping?' to which 61% said that 'yes' they did look for the best offers. 28% said that they 'bought for convenience not price' and 11% said that they 'weren't concerned about getting the best deal.'

When respondents were asked ‘Are you more likely to brag about getting a bargain or purchasing an expensive product or big name brand item?’ 67% of those taking part said they’d be more likely to boast about a good deal. Just 11% said they’d be more likely to brag about an expensive purchase, whilst the remaining 22% claimed they’d brag about both bargains and expensive items in equal measures.

The poll asked respondents how they tended to feel when they’d managed to find a bargain, to which the most common response was ‘extreme happiness’ with 49% of the vote. However, when asked how they tended to feel when they’d bought something expensive, the most common answer, with 57% of the vote, was ‘extreme guilt’.

The survey then looked at whether people's approach to shopping had changed during the last year, asking ‘Are you more likely to search for offers and bargains now than you were one year ago?' 49% admitted they were more likely to search for deals now than they were one year ago and, when asked why this was the case, 69% put it down to the ‘state of the economy’. 12% said it was due to the fact their income situation had changed and 8% said they simply appreciated a bargain now more than they did a year ago.

Anyone who said that they were more likely to brag about a bargain than an expensive purchase was asked who they were most likely to share their news with, to which 39% said it’d be a friend and 28% said it would be family members. 21% said they’d be most likely to tell colleagues about their bargains.

Ennis Al-Saiegh, Head of Marketing at, made the following comment:

"Our view of shopping seems to have evolved over the last few years and even in the last 12 months. Whereas before we might have been keen to show off our new expensive purchases, with particular emphasis on designer items, now we're more eager to brag about our savings it seems."

He continued:

"Tough financial situations often help us to put certain things in perspective. Maybe wearing a designer jacket doesn't mean as much anymore when compared to covering the cost of fuel and household bills. A lack of disposable income tends to highlight just how much certain things are worth."



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