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New Look Beppy Comfort Sponge Tampons

Beppy Comfort Tampons have been revamped and their new look is set to convert thousands of women to cordless sponge tampons. Bleached, cotton tampons have long been the firm favourite amongst UK women but now there’s an alternative, and it’s more comfortable, more secure and better for your body.

Ordinary tampons tend to cause dryness as they draw moisture away from the vaginal walls and leave behind tiny cotton fibres which irritate the skin and unbalance the natural pH levels of the vagina. This can lead to bacterial vaginosis, an incredibly common infection which causes discharge, soreness and unpleasant odours.

There is an alternative; Beppy tampons are made from dense sponge so there is no need to worry about any fibres being left behind. Plus, they are slightly moistened with Lacta-gel which not only mildly lubricates the tampon for easier insertion, but it also helps to maintain the naturally acidic pH levels of the vagina.

Compared to ordinary tampons Beppy are much softer and more flexible, feeling almost like they’re not there at all. Despite being so comfortable, Beppy are ergonomically shaped to fit your body securely without moving or leaking like ordinary tampons can. For this reason they’re a brilliant choice for women who do lots of exercise and feel that normal tampons prevent them from being as active as they’d like. There’s no need to let your period hold you back from doing what you love; Beppy helps you stay leak-free and confident.

There’s another benefit too; Beppy tampons can be worn whilst having sex. For many couples the time of the month is out of bounds when it comes to love making, but with Beppy you can enjoy sex without any mess or discomfort. Plus, since Beppy are cordless, a woman could wear one whilst being intimate without her partner suspecting a thing.

There are so many fabulous reasons to switch to sponge tampons, but it can be a daunting prospect for women who are so familiar with traditional tampons. That’s why StressNoMore has 150 samples of Beppy Wet Tampons to give away to women who are willing to give honest feedback about their experience trying sponge tampons.

For more information and press sample requests, please contact or telephone 01482 888785.
Beppy Wet Comfort Tampons are available in packs of 8 for £13.99 available from

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