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there has been a 200% increase in monthly sales

More British woman than ever, it seems, are determined to follow the lead of The Duchess of Cambridge since recent reports that Kate has a preference for natural birth preparation techniques that include hypnotherapy, Pilates and water birth. This has led to an immediate and significant boost in interest in the Natal HypnotherapyTM CD and MP3 collection which helps mums prepare emotionally and physically for birth using self-help, natural techniques.

Furthermore, there has been a 200% increase in monthly sales between May and June 2013, which, if this trend continues, could lead to this becoming a bumper year for UK Natal HypnotherapyTMCD publisher, Intuition Un Ltd., whose mission is to communicate to as many UK mothers as possible the value and ease of using this British hypnobirthing method to manage the fear and pain of childbirth.

In particular the best-selling, award-winning Effective Birth Preparation CD has become the new “mamma must-have”. In the first week of June, the CD become the number one best-selling pregnancy and birth title on Amazon following the peak in news stories relating to Kate’s birth preparations.

The ‘Kate Middleton Effect’ has been intensified by additional broadcast coverage of the Natal HypnotherapyTM method, such as Beverley Turner’s glowing accolade on BBC Radio Five's The Bump Club. This celebrity presenter (wife of Olympic rower, James Cracknell), Daily Telegraph journalist and mum of three, named as her number one book for expectant parents Effective Birth Preparation: Your Practical Guide To a Better Birth, by Maggie Howell, author and director of Natal HypnotherapyTM. The Book has also won the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Book of the Year Bronze Award in 2011/2012.

Maggie is the pioneering British clinical hypnotherapist that developed the Natal HypnotherapyTM method in 2000. She has also seen in the last six weeks a two-fold increase in enquiries for her antenatal hypnobirthing courses, run nationwide, and practitioner training which this March received the ultimate accolade of Royal College of Midwives accreditation. This gives mothers attending the courses the added reassurance that Natal HypnotherapyTM teacher training has been assessed by experts in the maternity field.

If our beautiful, blossoming Duchess has opted for using Maggie Howell’s home grown Natal HypnotherapyTM method, not only will she be promoting the Best of British, she’ll be in good company. Natal HypnotherapyTM is now British women’s preferred method of hypnobirthing with more than 100,000 women already having used the cost-effective hypnotherapy-based method recommended by over 3,000 midwives. This method is the only one developed solely within the UK maternity framework, in partnership with UK midwives and other birth professionals including National Childbirth Trust (NCT) teachers and doulas (birth support partners). The NCT has featured Natal Hypnotherapy products in their catalogue for the last six years.

Building confidence in the body’s ability to give birth and helping women relax and manage their pain are just some of the positives that are echoed time and again by women using this method, such as:

“It has been refreshing to dispel many of the fears surrounding labour and to retune my thinking to trust my body’s ability to give birth. I feel calm, focused and in tune with my natural instincts to prepare for the birth of our first child and to cherish the experience with my husband.”
First-time mum

“My first birth was an emergency C-Section after a very prolonged labour. I was very nervous about giving birth again and the consultant midwife recommended the CD to me. I listened to it as much as possible and it helped me relax generally and also come to terms with me having to give birth again and it being ok. By the time I was due, I listened to the CD right up to the day the contractions came, it gave me confidence and helped me to prepare by relaxing into it all. The birth went really well. Using yoga breathing and by my partner reminding me to relax (part of the birth hypnotherapy) I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl without any pain relief whatsoever.” Second-time mum

Commenting on the recent phenomenon, Maggie Howell, said, “Thanks to the potent Kate Middleton effect, more British woman than ever are now learning about the value of Natal HypnotherapyTM which uses natural birth techniques, including relaxation and deep-breathing, self-hypnosis and visualisation to prepare expectant parents both emotionally and physically for birth. In our eyes, she’s already an icon of British motherhood and, on behalf of UK mothers, I am truly grateful.
Studies indicate that the Natal HypnotherapyTM method of hypnobirthing can result in reduced stress, fear and anxiety about labour, and better management of pain, which in turn results in less use of pain relief methods, less intervention during birth and, as a result, lower levels of post natal depression. Traditional ante natal education models have tended to lack this practical, personal and emotional support component.”

The Natal HypnotherapyTM Collection is available at, where workshop locations, dates and booking advice can also be found, and from or from leading bookstores including Foyles and Waterstones.

Notes to Editors:
For further information, to set up an interview with Maggie Howell, or for other case studies of women who have used the Natal HypnotherapyTM method, or for a sample CD contact:
Emma Pryke or Maggie Howell at Natal HypnotherapyTM.

Tel 01252 716859 Natal HypnotherapyTM Mainline
Tel.07768 583305 (Emma mobile) / 07710 019068 (Maggie mobile)
Email: or

• The easy-to-use British Natal HypnotherapyTM method is a self-help, modular system which complements traditional UK maternity antenatal services. It is designed to fit into the hectic lifestyles of techno-savvy women both inside and outside their home. Its choice of CDs and MP3s, available for pregnancy care, birth planning, active labour and post natal support, are ‘easy on the ear’ of UK women soothed by the gentle tones of Maggie’s English voice.
• The choice of Natal HypnotherapyTM module depends upon birth plans and accommodates hospital, birth centre and home births as well as caesarean, vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) and twins. Specific modules are offered to manage morning sickness and for post natal support.
• 97% of women go on to recommend Natal HypnotherapyTM to other women.
• A full Q&A is available about the Natal HypnotherapyTM method at
• To find out the latest news on Natal HypnotherapyTM, go to
• Many midwives have commented that women using the method often appear so much calmer and relaxed that it is not obvious that they are in active labour. To experience this first hand, see Alex’s birth on YouTube at

The Natal HypnotherapyTM Collection
• Conception Support Products: The IVF Companion & Prepare to Conceive CD/ MP3
• Birth Preparation Support Products Award-winning 4 CD-set Natal Hypnotherapy Programme (versions available - Hospital/Birth Centre, Home Birth, Caesarean, Vaginal Birth after Caesarean and Twins). This incorporates 4 titles: Pregnancy Relaxation; Effective Birth Preparation (by birth type), Relaxing Birth Music and Fast Post Natal Recovery.
Also available as individual MP3 or CD purchases: Effective Birth Preparation (Hospital/Birth Centre) is now one of the best-selling pregnancy titles on Amazon.
Effective Birth Preparation – Your Practical Guide to A Better Birth book often reviewed as “the best thing a mum bought during her pregnancy” with a 5 star recommendation on Amazon. This won the Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Book of the Year Bronze Award in 2011/2012.
• Specialist Pregnancy & Post Natal Support Products include: Overcoming Morning Sickness, The Labour Companion & The Breastfeeding Companion.

• Customer Feedback
Many couples have used the Maggie Howell Natal HypnotherapyTM method say that they feel relieved that they can receive the service primarily via CD or MP3 in preference to taking valuable time out of busy schedules to attend an ante natal course. Recognising that some parents-to-be do value more personalised teaching in a sociable group setting, specialist Natal HypnotherapyTM Birth Preparation classes are now available at some local NHS hospitals as well as via its nationwide network of local accredited practitioners. This British bred method compares with some US-derived ones which are largely based on attending a set number of ante natal classes and use terminology that is not as embedded in the British ante natal teaching culture, so, for example, ‘contraction’ become ‘uterine surge or wave’.
Beverley Turner and James Cracknell - TV presenters and Olympic gold medallist
"Eventually, after 24 hours of niggling contractions, I lay down to use Maggie Howell’s Natal Hypnotherapy CDs: a powerful evolution of the original hypnobirthing concept. It was a dizzying, enlightening process and, when I “came to”, I knew exactly what I needed to do" James and Beverley talk about their birth in their new book "Touching Distance

Nell McAndrew - Model, Marathon runner, fitness and TV personality
"After being highly recommended to try Maggie Howell's Natal Hypnotherapy CD's for the birth of my second child, I am happy to say that I am so glad I did. Even though I only had chance to listen to the CD a couple of times before the day of the birth arrived, I found it very useful. From 3am until my baby arrived at 11.44am I found the music gave me a calm focus, even when we got stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital! The music helped me breathe through each contraction and make me determined not to get stressed. The relaxing birth music CD is still something I use when my baby sleeps to keep a calm and relaxed atmosphere around the house. Every time I hear the music it makes me emotional as I remember what a special day the birth of my baby girl was. Thanks so much!"

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