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The first stand-alone travel insurance comparison site for those with pre-existing conditions

Holidaymakers with pre-existing medical conditions can now plan a holiday without the stress and hassle of shopping for competitive travel insurance. is the first standalone travel insurance price comparison site created specifically for people with current or past medical conditions. Launched in June 2013, the site has been developed by travel insurance experts in recognition of the particular difficulty those with a pre-existing medical condition and the over 65s can have in securing appropriate travel insurance cover at the right price.

After just one simple set of medical screening questions offers a list of travel insurance policies and their premiums to cover the relevant medical conditions. Currently, over 18 insurance products are on the panel, each selected for their underwriting expertise within pre-existing conditions and over 65s travel insurance market.

Importantly, many of the travel insurance providers on the panel have no upper age limit on single trip policies.

Lauren Stovell, Business Development Manager at said: “We have an ageing society combined with a worrying rise in some conditions such as Type 2 diabetes. The good news is that there’s certainly not a lack of choice for this growing group of people. However, insurance cover of this nature requires lengthy question sets making the process of shopping around taxing and time-consuming for people who may already be under stress due to their condition.

“ has been created to make the whole process of comparing cover and premiums as simple as possible so that those with a pre-existing medical condition and/or in the older age bracket can get on with planning their holiday.

“By streamlining the process of arranging cover, we also hope will encourage those tempted to travel without declaring their condition to secure the right level of cover for their needs rather than risk the huge emotional and financial cost of being stuck abroad without cover when they most need it.”


What is a pre-existing medical condition?

A pre-existing condition usually means any medical condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received. It is always a good idea for travellers to speak to the insurer they are thinking of using to check whether they will include the condition on the policy. If the traveller is pregnant, certain exclusions may apply if they travel after a certain point during the period of the pregnancy. The Key Facts, Policy Summary, and the policy wording should be read thoroughly, prior to purchasing the product to see at what point exclusions and conditions may be in place.

Why is cover needed for an existing medical condition?

Medical costs abroad can be very expensive and without adequate insurance cover you could be left severely out of pocket. Travellers must be aware that not declaring medical conditions may result in their claim being declined.

Are there any important policy conditions regarding health?

You must be fit to undertake your planned trip.
You must not travel against medical advice or with the intention of obtaining medical treatment or consultation abroad.
Cover will only be provided for pre-existing medical conditions that have been declared and which the insurer has accepted in writing. These are set out in the policy documents.
Cover will not be provided if your state of health has worsened since the policy was purchased and you have not declared this to the insurer. It is always necessary to declare any change in health or medication which occurs between policy purchase and travel.

How do you assess whether or not the customer needs medical screening?

MedicalTravelCompared asks a series of questions (known as warranty questions), if the answer is yes to any of these questions then the customer will need to go through our on-line medical screening system.

Questions we ask are - Have you or anyone in your party:

• Ever been diagnosed with or treated for any heart or circulatory condition (problems with blood flow, including strokes, high blood pressure and cholesterol)?
• Been prescribed medication, or received treatment or attended a medical practitioner's surgery in the last 2 years?
• Attended a hospital or clinic as an out-patient or in-patient in the last two years?
• Been currently put on a waiting list for treatment or investigation? Been given a terminal prognosis?

What is medical screening?

Medical screening is a system that will ask a series of easy multiple choice questions to assess the condition and level of cover required.

Will the premium be high because of the medical condition?

All premiums are based on individual circumstances; depending on the medical condition there may be an additional charge or increased excess to cover it.

What conditions will you cover?

All types of condition can be considered and up to a very high level of severity. Destination and duration of the trip do affect the cost of insurance.

Do you cover terminal illness?

Some insurance providers may cover conditions with a terminal prognosis, although prognosis generally has to be more than six months following the completion of the trip.

How do you calculate the quotation?

The premiums vary according to a combination of factors (mainly age, type and severity of condition, destination and duration of trip).

Do you have to be a UK resident to purchase a policy?

Yes. This insurance is only available to United Kingdom Residents. You must have resided within the United Kingdom for no less than 6 months, have a permanent United Kingdom Address and be registered with a United Kingdom General Practitioner. This insurance must be purchased prior to the customer leaving the United Kingdom on their planned trip.

What is the age limit for a single-trip policy?

There are no age limits on single trip policies on some insurance provider's products.

Can an annual policy be taken out for pre-existing medical conditions?

Yes but this should be checked with individual insurance providers as some will vary in terms of the age covered and individual trip duration.

Do you cover one-way trips?

No, cover will be provided for return trips only that begin and end in the UK.

How are claims handled?

Full details are shown in the Policy Wording of the chosen insurance provider.

Can the insurance be purchased online?

Yes, once the insurance provider has been chosen and on completing a few more personal details the customer will be directed to that insurance provider where online payment can be made. The insurance provider will issue the policy wording and key facts as well as certificate of insurance and medical declaration.

Can the insurance be purchased over the telephone?

Yes, telephone numbers of all the insurance providers will be displayed on the results page

If you have a European Health Insurance Card, do you still need travel insurance?

Yes you do, the EHIC card will ensure the traveller is entitled to the same level of treatment as a citizen of that country; it does not cover cancellation or curtailment and will not cover private medical costs if they are taken to a private hospital.

How does a customer get medical health assistance abroad?

If they are admitted to hospital as an in-patient or have some other kind of medical emergency, they or their travelling companions must call the 24-hour medical emergency number shown in their documentation.

Will they be covered if the tour operator or airline goes bust?

If they are booked on a package tour through a travel agent or tour operator, very often the travel agent or tour operator's bond with ABTA or the ATOL will pay out.

What regions/countries does your travel insurance cover?

Our policies can cover anywhere world-wide. Premiums vary according to the chosen destination.
NB. We recommend checking the Foreign & Commonwealth Office's travel advice before travelling ( The policy could be void if you go to a country for which they are advising against visiting.

Can quotations be saved?

Customers are sent an automated email with their quotation results. This quotation will remain valid for a period of 10 days during which time they can return to that page on the website and continue with their purchase.


Notes to Editors: is a travel insurance comparison site specifically for over 65s and those with a pre-existing medical condition. The MedicalTravelCompared insurance panel currently comprises over 18 insurance products. Travellers complete a simple question set and a list of insurers, covers and premiums are returned. is an appointed representative of Ancile Insurance Group Ltd., who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

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