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embarrassing dads

as well as all the excitement family holidays generate, there are aspects that kids dread too.

With the end of term just around the corner, you’d expect children to be counting down the days until school’s out. But as well as all the excitement family holidays generate, there are aspects that kids dread too.

Research by Zeamu Music, a new record label for kids, found that parents taking to the dance floor after one sangria too many topped the list of embarrassing parent behaviour. The research was undertaken prior to writing their latest release ‘Doing The Robot” which captures the humiliation parents can bring on their children.

What do you like most about summer holidays?

• Not going to school 81%
• Being able to do what I want to do 8%
• Staying up later 6%
• Going away on holiday 5%

What do you NOT like about summer holidays?

• Parents embarrassing me 64%
• Having to do more chores around the house 26%
• Going to family events e.g. weddings 8%
• Not seeing my school friends 2%
What do you find most embarrassing about your parents when you go on holiday

• Dancing 73%
• Wearing swimming trunks & costumes 15%
• Building giant sandcastles 10%
• Falling asleep with their mouth open 2%

Who is the worst dancer?

• Dad 89%
• Mum 11%
• Both 0%
• Neither 0%

What is the worst thing about parents wearing swimwear?

• Trunks / costumes that are too tight 29%
• Body hair 28%
• Beer belly or a fat tummy 22%
• Sweating 21%

What else do you not like about summer holidays with your parents?

• Sharing a tent/ hotel room with your parents 58%
• Making you do things parents did as kids 25%
e.g. Punch & Judy
• Listening to their choice of music in the car 10%
• Taking family photos 7%

Child psychologist Barbara Bishop commented on the findings:

“As children reach primary school age, they become far more aware of their parents’ behaviour - what they wear, what they look like, how loud they are, how sunburnt dad got on the first day on the beach!
It’s always a tricky balancing act for parents who need to relax and let their hair down on holiday but also take their kids’ needs and feelings into consideration.”

Zeamu Music’s research involved over 700 children aged between 4 and 10 throughout the UK.

Zeamu Music has been created by some of the industry’s top producers and musicians to bring age-appropriate pop music to the under 10s. “Summer Holidays” captures the excitement children feel about finishing school and feeling free. As with all the Zeamu tracks, the music is contemporary but the lyrics are sung by children.


Find out more at or for further information call Sara Stewart at Mad As A March Hare on 01684 577168 or email

Doing the Robot
Written & produced by: Jonathan Pilcher, Natalie Barowitz & Jeremy Bishop
Sung by: Michael Keefe

“Oh no, its another wedding. Remember what happened at the last one…so embarrassing! Lets see, shall we?…”
It happens every time
When he drinks too much wine
He feels the need to prove
That he’s still got those dance moves

He’s gonna steal the show
I wish the lights were down low
But he leaps from his chair
And I see everyone stare cause…

Dad’s on the dance floor
I’m out the back door
He’s hugging his mates
All throwing the same shapes
Dad thinks he’s hot
Now he’s doing the Robot
Mum’s so happy she’s singing the Bee Gees now

I think Mum’s had enough
She starts strutting her stuff
And now she’s gone too far
Cause she’s dancing like Ga Ga

So Dad has cleared the floor
And now he’s shouting for more
He waves his hands in the air
And I see everyone stare cause…

Dad’s on the dance floor
I’m out the back door
He’s hugging his mates
All throwing the same shapes
Dad thinks he’s hot
Now he’s doing the Robot
Mum’s so happy she’s singing the Bee Gees (now)

Barbara Bishop (Co-founder and Director of Zeamu Music) trained as a psychologist and worked for the charity 'Kids Company' dealing with children who social services had, effectively, given up on. After five years, she was asked to get involved in psychology-based documentaries and began work as a researcher at Ginger TV. Roles at a range of independent production companies including Films of Record and Wall to Wall followed. Barbara then joined the BBC to work on a series called 'Little Angels' followed by a stint at ITN before her role as mum to three children took priority. Zeamu was originally Barbara’s idea which she took to friends Fi and Si Case to help develop it.

Fi Case (Co-founder and Director of Zeamu Music) was previously Vice President, Consulting Division of The Brand Union, San Francisco, responsible for brand consulting across both consumer and corporate practices. Her role focused on developing brand strategy including positioning, brand architecture, portfolio rationalization, Brand Analytics™ and brand platforming. In addition, she helped in the development of new and proprietary brand tools for Enterprise IG. Her clients included Del Monte, Providian and 3PAR, Ford Direct, Alliance & Leicester and UBS.
She spent her early career with Landor Associates, London, working for a number of blue chip clients such as Cable & Wireless, Credit Lyonnais and France Telecom. Mum to two young boys, she also is a fitness fanatic participating in triathlons in her spare time.

Si Case (Co-founder and Director of Zeamu Music) worked at Imagination prior to joining Zeamu looking after brand identity and 2D design across all the agency’s automotive clients.

Prior to joining Imagination, Simon was a founding partner of Greentarget, an integrated branding, internal communications and PR consultancy with offices in London, New York and Chicago.

During his time at Greentarget, he was responsible for developing brand strategies and translating them into language, identity and design on integrated multi-channel branding and communication programmes for Barclays, BDO, BT, Bupa, EuroCCP, HBOS, HSBC, Pearson and a number of other international clients.

Simon has held senior positions in a number of agencies including Further, The Brand Union, Landor Associates and Williams Murray Hamm and has lived and worked in both the UK and the US. His work has been recognized with D&AD, Media Guardian, Transform, Global Equity Organisation and Design Effectiveness awards.

Natalie Barowitz (Zeamu’s Head of Music) is a classically trained pianist, clarinettist and Latin percussionist who specialised in performance and composition at The University of Manchester. Her orchestral career took her across Europe before she began touring with Indie Pop band, The Bush, the Tree and Me. Signed to Sony Records (Epic) in 2001, they wrote and recorded two albums for EMI Publishing and continued gigging across the UK and Ireland, appearing on the bill at many major festivals and support tours including The Devine Comedy, Elbow and Graham Coxon.

Natalie went on to become Creative Manager for Film and TV at a large music publisher Musicsales, representing their diverse catalogue and roster of film composers including Michael Nyman and Philip Glass. Five years ago she set up as an independent music consultant and now works as a freelance producer for EMI Production Music. She continues to work consultatively and as a writer/producer/performer and represents a team of talented composers with whom she works on a variety of exciting commercial collaborations.

The Futz Butler (Paul Sumpter) is an award winning Sound-Designer and Composer from London, whose work is as varied as it is innovative, encompassing everything from sound-design to jazz, electronica to film score, rock to baroque.

He has amassed international broadcast and cinema credits for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, production houses and forward-thinking advertising agencies, including work for Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Working Title, Audi, Disney, Endemol, MTV and the BBC. His unrelenting work ethic and attention to detail is matched only by his sense of musical style and nonconformist approach.

The Futz Butler is also an in-demand session guitarist and bass player having toured the UK and Europe with artists such as Status Quo, The Feeling, Xenomania Records, Marillion, REO Speedwagon and The Selecter.

Lee Gretton is a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose work successfully spans many genres and styles. His broadcast credits include ITV, MTV, Channel 5, Sky Sports as well as many other networks in the UK, Europe and America. His work has been used by clients such as ASDA, Mock The Week, Kerrang!, BetFred and 30 Rock as well as a range of music libraries, publishers and labels.

Amongst many other projects Lee was musical director and composer of a multi-media piece for the 2012 London Olympics that included 35 musicians and over 100 dancers.

As a guitarist Chad Neale has played with a bunch of different artists including Sting, Lee Ryan, Gilbert O' Sullivan, Andrea Bocelli, Ross Copperman and The James Taylor Quartet amongst others.

As a composer he has written for a wide range of TV and independent film and commercials, including Mars, T-Mobile & Samsung and has been a long-standing composer for the Universal Production Music libraries. His work is used on TV internationally, regularly being heard on productions by BBC, ITV & Channel Four.

Recently he has been working with number one selling artist Eric Turner and Swedish indie artist Full Of Keys as both writer and producer. He has just finished the score for a new art film piece by Californian based duo Hodge Arts and the score to Swedish movie feature Small Yellow Lemons.

Right now he works out of his studio in Stockholm, Sweden and is busy working on a new electronic project called Packhounds, collaborating with known and unknown musicians in the UK and Scandinavia with a new album set for release next year.

Tom Billington’s older brother used to dress him up as a girl to make their parents laugh so they could stay up late. He was a child of amateur dramatics and spent a good deal of his youth in tights and make-up. Tom started singing and playing guitar in bands when he was 11 and he spent 10 years touring with the band Mohair alongside the likes of Razorlight, Depeche Mode, The Bluetones, Boy Kill Boy and The Killers all over the world. There was also the time he sang karaoke with Paul McCartney…….! Tom now spends his time making solo albums, writing music for circus, theatre, TV and film and dressing up as a 12 foot fish on stilts.

Casper &Jonas: London/Stockholm based Producer/Writers Jonas Persson & Caspian McDonald (Casper) are fluent, versatile musicians with years of professional production experience. Equally happy in classical, jazz and pop styles, they combine natural musicianship with the consummate skills of highly trained composers, producer/engineers and arrangers.

The duo started a band called Stone Halo, (a rock-fuelled mix of Kravitz, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Zeppelin) which had growing success and following (including fans such as radio legends Geoff Lloyd and Steve Harris) towards the end of the noughties. The band toured in Europe on several occasions and released a highly acclaimed album in 2009 alongside appearances on various compilations in Asia and in The States.

During this period, Casper & Jonas realized they were like minded souls, who enjoyed the song-writing and production aspects and sharing a passionate eclectic taste for music, they formed a writing/production team called Prosac Jeans (2009), which would not limit them to any single genre.

After an amicable end to the band, the duo has started to write for film, adverts, new artists, in styles ranging from cinematic, avant garde, electro and dub-step to anthemic rock and song based classics.
Jonas Persson graduated as a classical pianist in Stockholm in 1997 and with a 1st honours degree as a Tonmeister from Middlesex University 2001. He has been a top recording and mix engineer/producer at a highly reputable music publisher for many years. Dubbed as the ‘Pro-tools king', known for his speed and innovation, Jonas has recorded everything from bands to choirs and from orchestras to jazz ensembles. With his colleague Casper's 'overview' production style, vocal production, arrangement and writing skills, this mixture makes for a great team.

Comparisons have been made with other song-writer/producers such as Pharell/Williams (N*E*R*D), Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx, Massive Attack, Skrillex and Max Martin/Rami Yacoub.
Apart from their various production works and co-writing projects, they are nurturing a side project called 'Dorian Grey', ala Damon Albarn Blur/Gorillaz, a dance project; ‘Global DJ ft C&J’ (LFMAO meets Nero) and a song bank to pitch to publishers and artists. Recent clients include Sir Anthony Hopkins, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Mary Jess, Jah Wobble (Public Image Limited), Beth Orton, Keith Levene (The Clash) Hayley Westenra and Noel Gallagher.

Jimi Ashmore studied at the London College of Music, and his musical experience includes drumming with Sony signings ‘The Bush The Tree & Me’, touring extensively and recording 2 LP’s. He spent 3 years working at EMI Music Studios London where he worked with various artists including Star Sailor, So Solid Crew, Cathy Dennis, Cerys Matthews, Sugar Babes, Graham Coxon and many more.

Jimi toured and recorded with OX & Small White Light during the noughties and now runs the successful library music company Liftmusic.

Michael Keefe is a confident and creative artist, musician and animator. An accomplished piano and saxophone player he performs regularly both as a solo artist and in ensembles. Michael uses cutting edge technology to compose and record his own music and creates films and animations using multi-media software which he then shares via social networking and other creative platforms. He is a popular and intelligent communicator, an enthusiastic team player and a sensitive listener who is at the very heart of current issues, trends and motivations for kids. Michael is 11 years old.

Si Tew, Songwriter, Producer & Performer started his career in the English spa town of ‘Leamington’. A then bedroom DJ and underground producer playing at gritty clubs and outdoor festivals, drawing in large crowds of clubbers, by his late teens on realising his true potential, he began to adopt a more professional attitude to his musical output. Simon attended University where he pushed his abilities as a Producer, running radio show broadcasts, recording vocalists & performing his ever-popular DJ sets in venues across the Midlands.
Simon was awarded the BBC Urban Music Bursary where he met Atjazz Record Company label Boss, Martin Iveson, who offered him an internship at his studio in the nearby city of Derby. Here Si began writing and recording for film and television whilst continuing to develop his own style as a fully- fledged audio professional.
With Martin aka producer ‘Atjazz’, Simon began his first collaboration under the moniker ‘Mist Works’ and during this collaborative project he found himself pulling together his own songs and productions, developing these pieces of work into what turned out to be his Debut album ‘When the Clouds Ran Away’.
The success of the album brought a string of remix projects and production work, allowing Si Tew to further explore his style as a Producer and not just for the clubs. As a Songwriter, Producer and a Performer he continues to create experimental and optimistic music that has carved out its own space in the sonic spectrum.
Rob Ashmore. Born 1946 in Warwick. Recording contract with Mills Music in 1968 under name of Robbi Curtice. Recorded "When Diana Paints the Picture" - one of many songs written with Tom Payne- in June 1968; this was originally meant as the A side, but the B side "Soul of a Man" was released in USA only and did particularly well in West Coast, charting in Sacramento. Another Ashmore-Payne song "Gospel Lane" was picked up by French director Serge Bozon and chosen to feature in his 2008 film "La France".

Formerly one half of electronic indie outfit Weevil, (Wichita Recordings) Jonny Pilcher spent much of his early 20's releasing records under various guises and touring throughout Europe alongside artists such as Super Furry Animals, Boards of Canada, Wauvenfold and Hood as well as label mates Bloc Party.

Since the Weevil split Jonny has been busy producing music and sound pieces for various film, dance, TV projects. Personal highlights include composing the intro music to Apple's 'Tiger' operating system, creating music for Darren Johnston’s dance piece Outre whose tour ended with sell out performances at the Royal Festival Hall in London and then the chance to compose music for animation legends, Aardman.

He worked on the score for the documentary 'Mugabe and the White African'. The film was nominated for various awards and won the British Independent Film Award for best documentary, the world feature grand jury prize at Silverdocs and Hampton film festivals special jury prize. It was shortlisted for an Oscar and also nominated for a Bafta.

Jonny is also working on a new solo project under the childhood nickname PILCH. 'Making my own music has always been essential, a chance to explore music and sound myself with no agenda has always fed into my other creative outlets'.

Combining brooding electronics with classical piano, Melancholic string arrangements mixed with dreamy synth soundscapes, hard beats against a mishmash of epic noise. This is the music that sets Jonny apart. He has just toured and produced as guitarist for Athlete and was the Tour Producer on the latest Lana Del Rey tour.

Owen Parker is a Grammy nominated Composer, Producer and multi instrumentalist. Having had a hand in many Girls Aloud's biggest hits, he has written and produced two tracks on Rebecca Ferguson's million selling debut album Heaven, and recently had a number two with Amelia Lily's single 'You Bring Me Joy'. He has just completed work on Simple Minds forthcoming single Broken Glass Park, and had tracks on the recent Wanted and Gossip records. He wrote, produced and performed on the Pet Shop Boys Grammy nominated album 'Yes' and played nearly all the instruments on Gabriella Cilmi's worldwide smash Sweet About Me. He is currently producing and co-writing with Robbie Williams protégé Jake Emlyn. Other credits include James Morrison and Annie Lennox. In between the studio hours he tours with Amy Macdonald.

A founder member of pioneering funksters The Egg, Mark Revell is now a successful composer and producer. His music has featured on a broad variety of films, dramas and documentaries worldwide and he has written for numerous TV and cinema commercials. Mark studied music at the Colchester Institute with composers Alan Bullard and Chris Burn.

He then spent 10 years teaching, recording and touring the venues and festivals of Europe and America playing his own brand of fiery electric guitar, before moving into composition full time. Mark has written for most of the major music libraries and his list of commercial clients includes Aviva, Barclays, Discovery Channel, Max Factor, Nokia, Orange, Scottish Widows, Tesco, Vauxhaull, Virgin Atlantic, VO5 and many more.

From an early age Angus McLeod took an interest in music. Starting with piano lessons from the age of 8 he developed a penchant for ragtime but that took a back seat when he moved onto the guitar in his teens. When placing a wager for his stepfather on a nag named ‘K’ battery’ in the Lincolnshire Handicap at 9-1, he decided to have a small punt himself. When it came in, he was straight down to the guitar shop for his first Electric guitar and amp. It wasn’t great but it was an electric guitar.

Within 2 years he was busking the streets of London Town gaining a real thirst for performance and the limelight! After 4 years at Nottingham University with a Spanish degree in his pocket and an obsessive love of dance music in his heart, he headed for Spain with a guitar, a rucksack and a set of fire clubs! 4 years later and having wandered throughout the Hispanic world he made the decision to settle in the UK and put into practice some of his ‘hispanically influenced’ musical skills but now with the help of his shiny new Blueberry Apple Mac.

Following an introductory course in music technology he made the decision to dedicate himself full time to music production and two years later graduated with a distinction in Music Production and Sound Recording from Confetti School of Creative Industries. It was now time to put his music to work. Whether in stage, publicity and really anywhere that needed bespoke music Angus’ music began to get about. Past Clients include Arts Council, Design Factory, Westfield, Jaguar, Reebok. Alongside the company he founded, Chango Music Design, Angus performed with Midlands band ‘Brown’ and collaborating with various underground artists such as Indie band Idiot Joy, Argentinian Jazz maestro Guillermo Rosenthuler and his present partner in crime Si Tew. He has also enjoyed a number of teaching projects in music technology and sound engineering, the most exciting and challenging being a spell at HMP Dovegate, teaching Music Production to maximum security inmates.

At present whilst constantly hunting out new and exciting projects for Changomusic in his capacity as a composer, he is also lead artist in an international collaboration with musicians and dancers from a township in South Africa. This has just toured the country and is shortly looking to do the same in South Africa. The last 6 months has been very busy with a very exciting pop venture shortly to be released on the world.

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