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With many of us in the UK still not really convinced that we actually need to do our individual bit to save water in the first place, understanding how we can save water without huge disruptions to our lifestyles could be the key to understanding the bigger picture.

With the wettest winter on record just behind us, another winter soaking just in front of us, and sitting on an island where you’re never more than 75 miles form the sea at any position, AND having never actually run out of water it is easy see why there may be water conservation doubters.

The first fact to accept however is that less than 1% of the world’s water can actually be used by us because the rest is salty seawater or ice. In fact if the entire world’s water was poured into a jug, the ‘fresh’ water – the water we can use that hasn’t already been used by us before – is likely to fill less than a glass!

The second important fact to accept is that with each of us is using an average of 150 litres or water per day in England and Wales, and with demand predicted to increase by 800 million extra litres of water a day by 2020 according to Environment Agency figures, this usage level will continue put even more pressure on wastewater treatment plants, and the whole supply and storage infrastructure.

Thirdly, and crucially, your home water use creates greenhouse gases that are harming the earth’s climate – the same climate that is melting the Polar Ice Caps. How? With average family using 500 litres of water per day e.g. in domestic appliances, and in the heating of water for baths and showers, that’s equal to producing 1.5 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year!

Ways That You can Save Water Without Making Huge Lifestyle Changes

Simply turning off the tap while you are actually brushing our teeth can stop you form using (and paying for) an extra 3,000 gallons of water per year!

Having more showers and less baths, and using lower temperatures for washing clothes are other simple ways to lower the environmental and financial impact of our water use. Saving water, and saving energy in your personal water use is not only easy but it can save you money.

Increase Luxury and Save Water at the Same Time!

Technological advances in bathroom appliances now mean that saving water while increasing bathroom luxury can happen at the same time. Joe Mühl top designer at Ocean Bathrooms designer bathroom showroom in Bridport nr Broadchurch Dorset identifies eco friendly, designer bathroom products we’d be only too happy to use while saving water.

“There are now mixers and showers with EcoSmart technology that mixes water with thousands of tiny air bubbles that plump up the water. These use up to 60% less water than conventional products PLUS the aerated water feels so much softer on the skin.

Mixer taps fitted with infrared sensors allow water to only flow when you really need it and smart sensor technology limits the water flow to approximately 5 litres per minute.

There are new types of basin mixer taps with an aerator comprising of 90 individual openings so that you have a voluminous water spray while actually using very little water, and the temperature can be precisely set on them to avoid any excess water drips.

The latest in designer economical dual flush systems help to save even more water, and there are bathroom fittings that are made from 100% recyclable material using a copper/zinc alloy in their to prevent lead contamination of water.

Fantastic designer bathroom products are now being made to combine great looks and great functioning with water efficiency Smart technology in our bathrooms. This is a great way to keep the luxury but save water at the same time.”

For more information call Joe Mühl at Ocean Bathrooms on 01308 420011 o r visit

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