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The vast majority of tips and advice for corporate and office Christmas parties focus on avoiding embarrassment or behaviour we may regret or rather forget. Apart from the people present at your party however the most important and underrated element is actually the disco (and the DJ).

Our moods, emotions, senses and memories can all be directly affected, represented, stimulated and enhanced by music. Music is an important part of our early education and socialisation, can be a means for identifying ourselves with reference groups, and our generation. Music can reflect our values and beliefs, is an important part of cultural events and rituals, and plays an important role in most religious ceremonies and religious education.

When we buy any make of new car, one thing we can be sure will come as standard is a radio / CD / MP3 player. When we walk into any bar, pub, or most shops music will be playing. It stands to reason therefore that the disco, DJ, and music at your company Christmas party may be a much more important consideration than you may think.

Music and the Office

Office based workplaces tend to be free of music partly because of the need to concentrate, conduct telephone calls, present a serious and professional image, and aid ease and clarity of communication between colleagues. Our workplace atmosphere and work mind-set have traditionally been thought to function best at the other end of the spectrum to that of the leisure, free time and enjoyment.

All the more reason to rely upon the presentation or performance of music to mark a clear and obvious difference between work and the office Christmas party. Creating the right inclusive atmosphere, bringing out the more playful, friendly, and arguably more genuine side of our colleagues can actually be an important step in communication, understanding, and cohesiveness in the workplace long after the party is over.

The value of the disco at the Office Christmas Party can’t be underestimated. In the hands of an experienced DJ any venue or situation can be positively transformed. A great disco at a work Christmas Party can break down barriers and encourage informal communication and relationships between different departments, functions and different hierarchical levels of the company. It can also present a rewarding positive image and a human side of the company to its employees and stakeholders.

London based professional DJ and owner of DJ and Disco Hire Company Platinum DJs Jason Dupuy explains the importance of the disco and the DJ at a corporate / office Christmas Party.

“The corporate or office Christmas Party should be something that everybody can really look forward to rather than dread. Hiring a good professional Disco and DJ means that virtually any venue can be transformed into an environment that is perfect for a shared, fun experience where the pressures of work can be truly forgotten for a few hours. A good, experienced DJ with some great equipment can create an inclusive, positive atmosphere where work roles and authority can be left behind as people feel they have the permission and the context to be themselves, and allow their fun side and their personality to come out. The disco environment helps everybody to leave worries, divisions, and many inhibitions behind, and communication increases as a result.”

Jason believes that hiring a great disco and DJ is a win / win situation.

“The company wins because it is able to offer an extra rewarding experience to employees and demonstrates to them that it is prepared to make an effort and cares about whether they really enjoy the party or not. Surely no company or its employees would really enjoy or benefit from an occasion where people gather in a quiet, subdued, work-like environment, only associate with their usual groups of friends and then make excuses to leave as early as possible. At the end of the day companies are made up of people and a great disco at the Christmas or any Corporate / Office Party brings people together in a positive way that can produce memorable moments that are talking points throughout the year. It can become a unifying event that is part of company culture and folklore that everybody looks forward to it.”

For more information call Jason Dupuy on 0800 0488 8724 or visit

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