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IBM today announced that its AS/400e Model 840 server has
set a new record for commercial transaction-processing

Based on the Transaction Processing Performance Council's
TPC-C benchmark, IBM AS/400e is the world's most powerful
system for single-server transaction processing, beating
comparable servers from Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard
and Compaq. The 24-way IBM AS/400e Model 840 server
performed a record 152,346.25 transactions per minute (tpmC)
at $59.35 per transaction ($/tpmC) -- 25 per cent better
performance than Sun's 64-way E10000 at just over half the
price per tpmC1.

Commercial customers have traditionally used the
single-server, single-database TPC-C results as a principle
metric for comparing systems that run demanding
enterprise-wide applications. The test was performed with a
24-way IBM AS/400e Model 840 server powered by IBM's copper
and SOI microprocessors, running Version 4 Release 5 of
OS/400 and IBM DB2 Universal Database for AS/400.

IBM today also announced that its AS/400e Model 840 server
has set a new record for Lotus Domino scalability and
performance, handling 75,000 concurrent NotesBench R5 mail

In June, the AS/400e Model 840 achieved industry-leading
VolanoMark and SPECjbb2000 benchmark results for server-side
Java performance, demonstrating AS/400's leadership in
running Domino, Java and data-transaction workloads.

"Our TPC-C results are further proof that we are leveraging
IBM's copper and silicon-on-insulator processor technologies
to deliver industry-leading transaction-processing
performance," said Patrice Mitchell, vice president, AS/400
Marketing. "Our leadership in TPC-C and NotesBench, as well
as VolanoMark and SPECjbb2000, demonstrate that AS/400e
provides customers significant scalability, performance and
price/performance advantages over Sun, HP and Compaq servers
in a wide variety of workloads."

IBM AS/400e Model 840 single-server benchmarks and
availability dates:

tpmC: 152,346

$/tpmC: $59.35/tpmC

System availability: Sept. 15, 2000

Date submitted: July 7, 2000

About IBM AS/400e Servers:

IBM is the world's leading server company, and IBM AS/400e
is the world's most popular multi-user commercial business
computer, with 700,000 systems shipped to more than 150
countries. It is a powerful, flexible transaction server
capable of managing and connecting a company's core business
applications to suppliers, distributors and customers over
the Web. AS/400e scales from a single processor to a 24-way
processor and is in its sixth generation of 64-bit RISC

The IBM AS/400e Model 840 server is powered by the world's
first production microchips made of silicon-on-insulator
transistors and copper wiring. The addition of SOI alone can
increase performance up to 20-30 percent beyond the use of
copper by protecting the millions of transistors on a chip
with a blanket of insulation, reducing harmful electrical
leakage that wastes power. The AS/400e Model 840 is 3.6
times faster than the previous generation of AS/400 servers.

The new line of IBM AS/400e servers will be generally
available on July 28, 2000.

For more information on IBM AS/400e, visit

For more information on the TPC-C benchmark results, visit or

1 The largest single-system Sun results as of July 26, 2000,
are 115,395.73 tpmC at $105.63/tpmC, with an availability
date of Aug. 22, 1999. The largest single-system
Hewlett-Packard results as of July 26, 2000, are 102,023.50
tpmC at $63.21/tpmC, with an availability date of Nov. 30,
1999. The largest single-system Compaq results as of July
26, 2000, are 122,608.00 tpmC at $66.48/tpmC, with an
availability date of Aug. 31, 2000.


Ref no: 00/ 254

Editors notes

About IBM

IBM, AS/400, AS/400e, DB2 and OS/400 are trademarks or
registered trademarks of International Business Machines
Corporation. tpmC, $/tpmC and TPC-C are trademarks of the
Transaction Performance Processing Council (TPC). For more
information, visit the TPC Web site at Java and
all Java-related trademarks and logos are trademarks of Sun
Microsystems Inc. in the United States and other countries.
VolanoMark is a trademark of Volano LLC. All other
trademarks, registered trademarks and service marks are the
property of their respective owners.

This document was created on July 26, 2000. The data
contained herein was accurate at the time of creation. IBM
recognises that newer data may be published after this date
that would cause this data to become inaccurate.

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IBM AS/400 PR Manager EMEA

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