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The following draft is a short-item story on ADSL - (new service immediately available from Zen Internet) - which I hope you will find suitable for your news pages.

Below that is a second draft which may provide the basis for a solo feature
article, or would be useful to a writer preparing a general story on ADSL and its current availability in the UK.

Queued up for ADSL

It's here at last. Broadband ADSL -- 'the next big thing' that Internet users have long been waiting for -- has finally arrived... but a place on a waiting list is the best offer that most consumers can find when they try to order it.

North of England ISP Zen Internet doesn't have a waiting list.

They're already supplying the 'always on' broadband access to business customers nationwide.

"We're not sure how close we got to providing the very first ADSL
installation in the UK" says Operations Director Ross McWilliam. "But we did supply one of the first fifty".

"It doesn't make us old hands quite yet, but with something as new as
ADSL, businesses do like to know that we have a track record of up and
running installations before they order".

Zen's comprehensive ADSL packages for business start at £110 per month
for 512Kbps at 20:1 contention (that's all-in, of course, there are no call
charges with ADSL) and include installed ADSL router and splitter,
domain registration or transfer, 100Mb Web space, 24hr monitoring...
with optional virus checked email and Cyber Patrol filtered feed at no extra
charge. 1Mbps and 2Mbps services are also immediately available.
01706 713714


Here's (our draft of) the full story . . . .


'Always on' Internet

Using the Internet in the UK causes split personality problems.

No matter how useful or enjoyable it gets, there's always a nagging alter
ego that worries about the meter that clocks up costs in the background,
especially when the Net is bottlenecked and running s-l-o-w-l-y.

From the North of England, Business ISP Zen Internet is dispensing a new peace of mind it calls "Instant Karma" with faster broadband services for Net enthusiasts and small businesses that provide 24-hour, 'always-on' Internet access nationwide, without call charges.

"It's the same phone line, but without the meter running" say Zen.

"You can forget about peak and off-peak rates, and how much time people are
spending online... none of it will appear on the telephone bill anyway".

Zen's new broadband service combines unmetered ('always on, always free')
Internet access with extra speed -- making a normal telephone line work many times faster -- enough to bring a different style of TV and cinema-like Web sites to home computers and allowing small businesses to operate modest World Wide Web sites directly from their own premises.

"You might think we do it by forcing every last strand of the telephone line
to carry Internet data, running it like a high-pressure hose" says Zen's
Operations Director, Ross McWilliam. "But new technology, known as ADSL, actually creates a quite separate channel for accelerated digital transmission that leaves the line free to be used for voice calls at the same time. One person, or a dozen on an office network, can use the
Internet all day long without affecting incoming and outgoing telephone
calls at all".

"We're taking a lead with this here in the North. Businesses in most
parts of the UK are still waiting for ADSL -- Aysmmetric Digital Subscriber
Line technology -- and the best that the majority of them can hope for is a
place on a waiting list. There are well over 200 Internet providers in the
country, big and small, but very few can actually supply ADSL today"

Following trials restricted to a few central city areas, the new broader bandwidth ADSL service was rolled out by Zen on July 3rd at an industrial-strength 512Kbps - faster than ISDN, and around ten times 'faster and wider' than the best V90 modem throughput. There is even higher bandwidth speed -- up to ADSL's current 2Mb maximum and 40 times faster -- for companies who need it.

Zen technicians say that ADSL fully merits its status as buzzword acronym of the moment because it promises the kind of always-on, charge-free connection experience previously enjoyed only by companies with expensive leased line installations.

The new UK channel is capable of downstream access (reception speed)
up to 2Mbps and upstream (transmission speed) at 256Kbps.

It means an end to the restrictions of postage stamp-sized graphics and
animations on commercial Web sites. Full-screen, full-motion video, 3D
walkarounds -- truly dynamic interfaces -- will change the face of the Net for customers of businesses exploiting ADSL to the full.

For the first time, a large proportion of the UK audience could have a faster connection than some of the companies providing the Web sites - and
it will show. In trials, consumers spent up to four times longer online when they had broadband access, but tended to avoid sources with slow-to-load content that barely kept up with the 56k modems they used to use.

Zen's full Internet services with ADSL range from £110 per month (512Kbps)
to £190 for 2Mbps.

Information/Contact Zen Internet:
Tel: 01706 713714

Technical and other additional notes to Editors:

ADSL operates over the existing twisted pair network that makes up the local loop. An ADSL modem at the customer's premises connects to another at the BT exchange to enable the data transfer. Because the technology uses a separate frequency range of the wire, conventional phone calls are not

ADSL is considerably more cost-effective than a leased line because it uses existing infrastructure. There is no need to install new cabling and the ADSL router and splitter are provided with the installation, making fast Internet access available to more businesses than ever before.

The connection to the Internet is permanent, charged at a flat rate depending on the speed required, which takes the monthly mystery out of budgeting for Internet

ISDN offers a maximum download speed of 128Kbps, compared to ADSL's current maximum of 2Mbps - up to 16 times the speed. ADSL has the potential to revolutionise available material and services. The new technology allows end
users to view more complicated, resource-hungry features that can now
reasonably be incorporated into Web sites: including video, sound and much
more complex graphics.

Contrary to reports that the super fast service is not available until September, Zen Internet is pleased to announce that it is taking orders today for installation next week. Packages are available from £110 per month with 512Kbps, 1Mbps or 2Mbps download speeds, all of which include installation and an ADSL router and splitter. For detailed technical information, including advice on a range of issues such as network security, please visit Zen's dedicated ADSL Web site:

To hear Zen Internet radio commercials featuring Burt Kwouk -- (a regular in Bond films and best known as Kato in The Pink Panther) see the headline on Zen's main Web site:

If you would like further information or have any enquiries regarding this
press release, please do not hesitate to contact Rod Fielding or Ian Buckley
(Sales Office) or Ross McWilliam (Technical / Operations) at Zen Internet on 01706 713714.
Please find further information and pricing on Zen's ADSL package at
Tel: 01706 713714

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