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Click4Gap reviews the statistics from the RAC report on Motoring for 2014, which reveals the dissatisfaction of British motorists at the lack of police presence on the road.

The report shows that 60% of drivers say there are not enough police on the roads. There seems to be a shared frustration amongst drivers that there is little punishment for breaking the law at the wheel.

Offences such as speeding and running a red light seem to be regularly punished due to the presence of cameras. It is more the more common offences such as texting at the wheel, aggressive driving, tailgating, middle lane hogging or undertaking on the motorway.

The majority of motorists are law-abiding, with only 3 million out of 35.8 million drivers having points on their licences. Only 3 in 10 motorists think drivers will get in trouble for texting and driving. For middle lane hogging and tailgating only 1 in 5 motorists think offenders will be pulled up by a traffic police officer.

These statistics show the lack of belief motorists have in traffic enforcement. This reflects badly on the British police. Such widespread dissatisfaction shows that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Motorists want to see a greater police presence on the road to enforce motoring legislation. An increase in punishments for law-breaking motorists would also act as a genuine deterrent.

There is a real concern about drivers using their mobile phones, with 44% saying they see this happening during most of their car journeys. Speeding is also another great concern with 67% of motorists not complying with the speed limits on the motorway alone.

A spokesperson from Click4Gap, states: ‘The lack of police enforcement on the road is becoming a real problem in the UK. Increased enforcement will not only mean punishment for repeat offenders. It would also act as a deterrent for drivers to comply to the rules more thoroughly. If people feel they can push the limits of the law then they will. With dangerous drivers on the roads this means more cars are being completely written off. This can be incredibly frustrating for law-abiding drivers involved in accidents. They may only be able to claim current market value of their car through their insurance. Increased enforcements will mean more law-abiding drivers and fewer accidents.’

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