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Real-time classification of social data firehose into half a million topics moves the industry beyond keyword-based analysis.

Real-time classification of social data firehose into half a million topics moves the industry beyond keyword-based analysis.

DataSift, the leader in Human Data Intelligence, today announced VEDO FOCUS, a game-changing text classification engine that categorizes the entire real-time firehose of social media data into a taxonomy of half a million topics.

This breakthrough advances the social analytics market from keyword-based data analysis to being able to – for the first time – filter and analyze social data streams based on specific topics, concepts or industries. With DataSift providing a powerful processing platform, analytics companies can now focus on innovation and building insights rather than the infrastructure.

FOCUS uses a corpus of more than one billion facts to categorize every single tweet, post, and blog into an ever-growing hierarchical taxonomy of more than 450,000 topics. FOCUS reads and understands natural language, unlocking the meaning within the text and categorizing it to enable developers to build applications that can interpret, understand and analyze social data at scale.

FOCUS’ applications for human-created data are practically limitless:

Build and measure social marketing success against industry benchmarks
The ability to collect focused data at scale opens up new opportunities for analytics companies to build industry standard benchmarks and data sets. For example, a car manufacturer can create a benchmark data set, which contains the universe of social data for the automotive industry, enabling them to compare the performance of their social marketing campaigns with their industry peers.

Simply separate valuable data from digital litter
The inability to distinguish valuable data from digital litter has plagued the social media analytics market since its inception. For example, common words like gap, shell or ford litter social media, creating challenges for their namesake corporations to separate signal from noise. Using FOCUS, developers can create topic-centric filters to collect data for analysis. For example, creating a filter to receive data relating to ‘gap’ but only within the context of apparel.

Create topic-based data streams to simplify market research
Companies are increasingly using social media data for real-time market research. Using FOCUS, companies can easily curate, collect and categorize the social data about an industry or topic-of-interest to create a topic-based stream of data for analysis. Its hierarchical taxonomy of more than 450,000 items supports extremely fine grain data collection and categorization – enabling research into specialist topics like never before. For example, the technology industry alone contains over 28,000 categories.

See the big picture that emerges from millions of social interactions
Using FOCUS, companies can discover the entire universe of key topics and themes that emerge from millions of social posts, tweets and blogs. This enables brands and researchers to see the big picture by unlocking the meaning of every single post and aggregating it to see emerging trends.

“Big Data isn’t helpful if working with it feels like a big mess,” said Nick Nyhan, CEO, WPP Data Alliance. “DataSift is leveraging their experience in the unstructured social data space to attack an important challenge for the industry as a whole. The challenge of better organization of the metadata and taxonomies by which we organize the underlying raw ingredients. It’s like providing measuring spoons and recipes for those who want to learn how to cook with this data more quickly and accurately."

“As social data becomes integrated into an ever-growing ecosystem of application developers and agencies, the imperative for these companies is to focus on creating ground-breaking insights, not infrastructure,” said Nick Halstead, CEO and founder of DataSift. “With the launch of FOCUS, we’re demonstrating our commitment to doing the heavy lifting associated with preparing big, social data for analysis, and enabling developers to get to insights faster.”

By combining social data, blogs and news data, DataSift enables application developers to discover unique ways of maximizing the value of unstructured data, creating the potential for a new breed of applications. With the DataSift Human Data Platform companies now have access to the keys to unlock the hidden value of this data – to reach very precise and actionable results in real-time. DataSift accesses the world’s most complete source of social, blog, news and web data; processing more than 2 billion interactions a day and storing more than 4 petabytes of historical data.

About DataSift

DataSift is the leader in Human Data Intelligence. Processing more than 2 billion interactions a day, DataSift empowers application developers and agencies to maximize value from human-generated data by transforming it into actionable intelligence.

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in San Francisco, DataSift has operations in New York, Los Angeles, Canada and Reading, UK. DataSift’s customers include Bloomberg, CBS Interactive and Dell as well as thousands of application developers across a wide variety of industries including retail, telecommunications, high tech, consumer packaged goods and digital agencies. More information can be found at

About Human Data
Human Data is the fastest growing type of data that covers the entire spectrum of human-generated information regardless of format or channel through which it is delivered. It includes text, image, audio or video shared with other people on social networks, blogs and news content. The DataSift Human Data platform unifies all the data - real-time and historical - in one place, unlocks its meaning and delivers it for use anywhere in the business.

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