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British company PlayBase Developments Limited has created a range of modular garden equipment designed to appeal to all members of the family.

Each of the modules, all of which have different uses, fits onto a large, free-standing, gyroscopic structure called PlayBase.

PlayBase is an evolution of the classic human gyroscope as used by astronauts, fighter pilots and 1990’s science fiction films. In appearance it is three large concentric aluminium rings mounted on an elegant curved base. Position and movement of the rings is key to the multiple module functionality.

Targeted at those with a limited size garden and lots of things they want to do in it, PlayBase enables highly flexible use of the space available.

There are 16 modules in the range that cover play, sports, relaxation and exercise.

Aside from the modular concept, what makes the PlayBase so unique is the ability to fix, allow to rotate, elasticate or power (for future modules) the movement of each ring independently to create a multitude of desired sensations for the user.

Each module is constructed from high quality materials and is designed to be quickly inter-changeable.

The initial PlayBase module range is;
Human Gyroscope, Trampoline, Floating Sun Deck, Climbing Net, Donut Bar, Sports Wall, Play Net, Tennis Trainer, Centre Stage, Pirate Ship, Wobble Net, Stage, Hammock, Magic Castle, Play Deck, Sunken Castle

Managing Director Mark Waterman commented:

“We know from our research that average garden sizes in the UK are getting smaller and we believe that finding creative ways of using less space to do more things will to be a highly desirable feature for future garden innovations.”


Product Information -

3m diameter, profiled aluminium structure on freestanding base. The basic building block for all Modules.

Initial Module range -

Human Gyroscope
Foot attachments, hand holds and a centre support securely hold the user inside the inner ring. Spinning motion is possible on three different axes, X, Y, and Z. Each time the direction is changed, force in the form of muscle movement is required. The movement on the different axes causes a feeling of weightlessness. Contrary to what some people think, the Human Gyroscope does not cause dizziness or nausea and is a great way to exercise.

High quality 2.5m diameter Trampoline and safety netting that fits into the centre of the inner ring when it is locked in the horizontal position.

Floating Sun Deck
Experience the sensation of lying on water without getting wet! The Deck “floats” thanks to elasticated safety straps that allow limited movement between all three rings.

Climbing Net
Vertical 2.5 m diameter cargo net ideal for kids to climb.

Donut Bar
Turn PlayBase into an outdoor bar, perfect for summer parties.

Sports Wall
Vertical 2.5m diameter wall ideal for practicing ball sports.

Play Net
Ideal for younger children the Play Net provides a safe elevated play area.

Tennis Trainer
Vertical 2.5m diameter elasticated wall ideal for practicing your tennis strokes.

Centre Stage
The elevated 2.5m diameter platform is a great spot for catching the sun, reading a book, even pitching a tent!

Pirate Ship
The kids will love the experience of being inside a ship on high seas. The ship “floats” thanks to elasticated safety straps that allow limited movement between all three rings.

Wobble Net
Clamber across netting that rocks back and forth, a great place for the kids to play. The Net “floats” thanks to elasticated safety straps that allow limited movement between all three rings.

A 3m diameter elevated platform that can be used as anything from a stage to a sun deck.

Relax on a hammock that rocks back and forth and side to side. The Hammock “floats” thanks to elasticated safety straps that allow limited movement between all three rings.

Magic Castle
A large elevated castle structure that the kids can use as a den or play house.

Play Deck
Ideal for younger children Play Deck is a safe elevated platform that is a great play area.

Sunken Castle
Ideal for younger children the castle structure is a great den or play house.

For more information please contact:
Mark Waterman
07801 393264


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