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Having good teeth and hair is more important to British women searching for a partner than British men, who rank a nice set of pearly whites and glossy locks outside the top five most attractive female features.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the ‘perfect partner’ study of 1,000 Brits by Harley Street Hair Clinic uncovers what today’s public find most attractive in their partners – as well as the biggest turn offs.

A nice smile (58 per cent), nice eyes (53 per cent), good teeth (28 per cent), being tall (22 per cent) and a full head of hair (19 per cent) are the top five turn ons women find attractive in a male partner.

For men, the perfect female partner should have a nice smile (50 per cent), a pretty face (48 per cent), a curvy figure (29 per cent), a nice bottom (27 per cent) and an ample chest (19 per cent).

More than a third (35 per cent) of women and men love their partners just the way they are, but for the other 65 per cent there are three main ways they would like to change their partner’s look;
1. to be slimmer (13 per cent of women and 16 per cent of men selected this)
2. to lose the beer belly/have a flatter stomach (13 per cent of women and 17 per cent of men selected this)
3. to have more hair/a new hair style (12 per cent of women and 8 per cent of men selected this)

According to females, the top male turn offs are crooked or stained teeth (47 per cent), being overweight (27 per cent), a beer belly (32 per cent), spotty skin (31 per cent) and un-groomed facial hair (24 per cent).

For the males, the physical attributes which are least attractive in ladies are being overweight (46 per cent), crooked or stained teeth (37 per cent), greasy hair (33 per cent), bad skin (24 per cent) and dirty fingernails (22 per cent).

When asked if there are things they would change about themselves, 90 per cent of women wanted to tweak to their looks and 85 per cent of men agreed. Top of the body wish-list for women is to be slimmer (47 per cent), have whiter or straighter teeth (25 per cent) and to be taller (18 per cent). But good news girls, it seems that being slim is not a determining factor in how attractive you are, as only 18 per cent of men rate a slim figure as the most attractive feature.

Men’s top choices are to be slimmer (23 per cent), more toned/have more muscle definition (21 per cent) and have whiter or straighter teeth (19 per cent) but results showed women are not as focused on physique or muscle definition. A gent who shows some care in his facial appearance, like having a nice smile (58 per cent), good teeth (28 per cent) and a full head of hair (19 per cent) is more likely to woo the ladies.

Nadeem Uddin Khan, Clinic Director of Harley Street Hair Clinic, says: “I’m not surprised that women have ranked teeth and hair so highly. There are many professional options available which allow men to improve their smile and hair line for the long-term. These options are not just about feeling more attractive, they also help improve self-confidence in other aspects of life – a career, a social situation and, hopefully, in love.”

More than two thirds (70 per cent) of women would happily undertake activities to help slow down the aging process; dying over grey hair (47 per cent), having a new ‘younger’ hair style (27 per cent) and hiring a personal trainer to shape up (25 per cent).

Men are much less forthcoming: more than half (57 per cent) would rather let nature take its course. For the more concerned gent, hiring a personal trainer (15 per cent), dying grey hair (11 per cent) or getting a hair transplant (10 per cent) are the preferred anti-aging choices. For more information on hair transplants visit:


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