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Retail Smart

Video cameras integrated into store ceilings will record consumer trends and paths, which will results in improved store layouts

Leading providers of 3D planograms, Retail Smart, commented on a recent report discussing the top retail trends for 2015.

Technology is predicated to continue changing the face of retail and in-store environments throughout the coming years. With smartphones in practically every pocket, hand-held technology is becoming an ever present tool on retail aisles. Consumers may be scanning QR codes on the packages or the displays. Many will be looking up nutritional information and others will be checking their electronic shopping list. This trend is set to continue indefinitely and retailers are preparing to enhance their in-store experience by focusing on engaging customers digitally.

It is also believed that video cameras will be utilised to an even further extent in the coming year. In-store cameras are an excellent way to record shopper behaviour and although this trend is not new, retailers will now be analysing the resulting data more than ever before. Video cameras integrated into store ceilings will record consumer trends and paths, which will results in improved store layouts, with displays that will be moved around in order to deploy new traffic patterns. This will hopefully optimise the true path to purchase for shoppers, and sales will increase as a result.

Digital trends will even effect category management and product assortments. Using planograms, retailers will be able to map an entire store down to every shelf position. This will provide a deeper insight into assortment management as well as link the shelf to the supply chain.

Significantly enhanced camera technology that is emerging will provide snapshots of a shelf. The accurate real-time information will tell trading partners about compliance with the planograms as well as the current in-stock and out-of-stock conditions.

As experts in planograms and store planning software, Retail Smart takes a keen interest in the latest news and predictions within the industry. A spokesperson from the company made the following statement: “As the digital consumer trends continue to grow, retailers need to know how to change and adapt to create an optimum in-store environment and experience. Stores that do not embrace digital enhancements and changes are guaranteed to be left by the way-side in the coming years.

“Consumers are looking for experiences, not just environments. And digital advancement is providing retailers with the opportunity to interact with shoppers more than ever before. To meet these demands, it’s important that opportunities to use 3D planograms and store planning software are utilised. In-store environments can be transformed, based on customer paths and trends, to incorporate digital interaction and maximise marketing. By creating a store that synchronises effortlessly with changing digital trends and meticulously plans path to purchase routes, retailers will see are guaranteed to see an increase in sales throughout 2015.”

Retail Smart is a UK planogram and store planning software and services company. They supply services ranging from planograms, store planning, range assortment retail solutions and interactive 3D retail experiences. Retail Smart help their clients to build credible product range and optimise their shelf and store space.

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