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Say goodbye to every travellers nightmare!

Numinous Luggage provides a 4 step security system preventing theft and loss of belongings whilst travelling.

Numinous Luggage the London based luggage and travel packs specialist has today launched their new range of innovative Anti-theft travel luggage. The new innovative range provides unrivalled security for all travellers and holiday makers avoiding every travellers nightmare of being stuck in a foreign country with no passport, money or belongings thousands of miles from home.

A recent survey showed on average we carry £1,500 worth of electronics and technology devices when travelling abroad and thieves are targeting travellers luggage to gain access to these electronic devices.

We asked founder Jason Lowe How did you come up with this idea? Was it while travelling?

Whilst at university I became addicted to travel, I would save throughout the semester and then go backpacking in the summer. I would travel all over the world from South American to South East Asia. It was incredible and I think is one of the most important and valuable things you can do!

The only downside was the threat of theft and tamper, I would travel with a pack which was in no way designed for international travel and backpacking, it was top loading, completely insecure but was the best option at the time. I met various travellers along the way who had had their trips of a lifetime ruined by theft and even tamper (people putting things in your bag without your knowledge).

One time sticks in my mind in particular, I met a guy in Kuala Lumpa in Malaysia, he had his passport stolen whilst travelling in a remote part of Northern Thailand, unfortunately when he reported this to the police they misunderstood him and arrested him for not having a travel visa!! (Which was obviously in stolen passport)! He spent the next 11 days in a Thai jail cell he had no contact with the outside world and encountered no one who spoke any English! Eventually he managed to borrow a smuggled in phone and was able to contact his parents back in the UK.
Eventually it got resolved but he had spent all his money, been kicked out of Thailand and unfortunately had to call his parents again to bail him out and fly home.

His trip had ended before it began, he had a horrendous time and I’m sure put him off travel for life! It was after my encounter with this poor traveller whilst sitting on Maya bay on the Phi Phi islands that I came up with the idea for Numinous(TM) packs which would be secure, reduce the risk of theft and be easy and convenient to use in every sense and ensure that everyone that used a Numinous Pack would never have to go through what that poor guy had to!!

We love travel and want to help travellers round the world in making sure they have the time of their lives experiencing everything our world has to offer!

How much time passed from the day you started thinking about it to the day you sold your first backpack?

I started thinking about the idea back in 2010 whilst on a trip around South East Asia, It only came back to me when my brother went to go backpacking round South America in 2013 and there was still nothing on the market, I put a business pan together, met with various types of investors, got investment and a week later had quit my job and was flying out to China to start sourcing materials and components which would make the packs secure and safe! We were in development and testing for around a year and got the first delivery of our Numinous(TM) Anti-theft packs in January 2014! Which was the same month we had our first sell out! Now we have a range of 4 new products and are looking at developing the next generation of smart luggage for 2016!

If you had to sell a Numinous backpack advertising only one feature, which one would it be?

What really makes us unique and special is our Numinous(TM) Anti-theft security system, we developed a 4-stage security system, which was easy to use, needed no additional locks and would protect our global travelling community. We use an Anti-Slash Material which protects the user and their belongings from potential thieves cutting into the packs to remove belongings, We also use Anti-puncture zips and TSA accepted zipper locks to prevent thieves breaking into the packs through the zip and lastly built in a retractable wire lock which allowed users to securely fix their packs to bunk beds or radiators in hostels or their train seats on a long journey if they fancied a sleep, this stopped people picking up their packs and walking off with them!

This gave our users complete peace of mind! We also made the packs as easy and simple to use, we ensured they opened up fully like a suitcase so you could easily get access to all your belongings, we also added padded laptop pockets, A back panel to cover the straps whilst in transit, fully adjustable back system and side carry handle!

I saw on your website that for every backpack bought, 15 school meals were offered to vulnerable African children through the African Children's Fund - that's awesome! What made you choose this charity program?

It was very important for us when we started the business to support local communities in which our global travellers venture to, We got in contact with the African Children’s fund after hearing about the incredible work they do in supporting African communities and giving them the opportunity to break the cycle and work themselves out of poverty. For every Numinous Pack bought we provide 15 school meals to children across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The idea behind the campaign is to get children back into school and to give them the education they deserve and need to become a success and work themselves and their communities out of poverty. Without the incredible work The African children’s fund are doing many of the children would not be in school but would be out scavenging for anything to recycle in order to be able to feed themselves for the day.

Please visit the website to help support the campaign

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