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Confirming its role as the most comprehensive mileage database in the UK to help the public avoid the risk of buying a used car with a dodgy mileage

Vehicle information expert, HPI, is celebrating a significant new milestone with its National Mileage Register (NMR) reaching over 200 million mileage readings. The most comprehensive register of its kind, the NMR is a formidable tool in the battle against car clockers as it protects used car buyers from the risk of buying a vehicle that has a mileage discrepancy.

Clocking is the practice of fraudulently turning back a vehicle’s mileage reading, allowing dodgy sellers to push up the price and make a quick profit. One in 20 cars checked by HPI have a discrepant mileage, which could very well be the result of fraudulent tampering. A clocked vehicle is not only worth less than the seller is asking for; it could pose a safety risk as the true condition may be hidden.

Car buyers can protect themselves from this risk by investing in a vehicle provenance check, such as the HPI Check® which comes with a mileage check against the NMR as standard. The NMR is the largest independent historical database of mileages in the UK, collating and storing mileage data for over 18 years from a number of sources including the DVLA and crucially, service and warranty documentation.

The HPI Check will also identify any issues with the car’s history such as outstanding finance, whether the vehicle is currently recorded as stolen with the police or has been written off, making it the best way for consumers to protect themselves from fraudsters.

Neil Hodson, Managing Director for HPI, explains, “The real risk with clocking is that a lower mileage can hide the vehicle’s true condition. That dream buy may look great, but it could be hiding wear and tear that will go unnoticed. This poses a real safety threat, not to mention the additional cost of unexpected repairs.

“We urge used car buyers to always conduct an HPI Check to make sure the mileage hasn’t been tampered with. We hold over 200 million mileage readings to cross-check against a buyer’s potential new car, giving them reassurance that they are not paying over the odds for a vehicle that may be hiding a multitude of sins.”


• Check the service history - Check the mileages displayed in the service history and look for service stamps from a genuine dealer. Ideally the service invoices will accompany the service history. If in doubt, contact the servicing dealers and check the mileages they recorded at the time of the service.
• Speak to the previous keeper - Get in contact with the previous keeper (details can be found on the V5/logbook). They can identify the mileage of the vehicle when they sold it. Make sure this adds up with the current mileage.
• Trust your judgement - Check who the car was last registered to on the V5. Was it registered as a company car but has done less than 12,000 miles per year? Or is it 15 years old with only 20,000 on the clock? Look for any evidence that indicates clocking.
• Check the mileage - It has been known for clockers to wind back the mileage before you first view the vehicle and then return it to its original reading once the transaction is complete. Make sure you check the mileage is the same when you pick up the vehicle.
• Look for signs of wear and tear - Does the wear and tear on the vehicle match its mileage? Be careful to look out for signs such as worn seats, steering wheels and other vehicle parts. Also look out for brand new easily replaceable parts; the wear and tear should be consistent with the vehicle’s displayed mileage.
• Conduct an HPI Check - HPI’s National Mileage Register has over 200 million mileages recorded on it, and can identify mileage discrepancies recorded against the vehicle.

*Many of these signs could be innocent, so look for more than one of the above as possible evidence of clocking.

March 2015

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About HPI:
Originally established in 1938, HPI Limited is a primary source of vehicle information for the UK motor industry and motoring consumer which, since December 2008, has been owned by Solera Holdings, Inc. Solera Holdings, Inc. is an integrated group of leading automotive claims solutions companies. Founded in January 2005 by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Tony Aquila, Solera has expanded its geographic reach and now serves more than 55,000 business customers in over 50 countries across six continents.

HPI encompasses both the HPI database of all UK road registered vehicle descriptions and histories, and the National Mileage Register (NMR) which holds in excess of 200 million mileage readings.

Together, HPI and NMR represent one of the UK's largest vehicle information sources, combining and interpreting data from government agencies, industry bodies, private organisations, the police and the general public. Registering with HPI helps companies to protect their financial interests in motor vehicles and a wide range of other mobile assets. HPI Checks give purchasers instant confirmation of whether vehicles are correctly described, known to be subject to outstanding finance or serious accident damage, or recorded as stolen or "clocked".

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(2) Mileage Data is not covered by The HPI Guarantee
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