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IBM today announced the highest capacity hard disk drive for
premium notebook computers.

The 8.1-gigabyte Travelstar 8GS is not much larger than a
music cassette tape, but it will hold enough information
when printed, to make a stack of double-spaced A4
type-written pages taller than New York's Empire State
Building. Placed end-to-end these sheets of paper would
stretch 696 miles, about the distance between London and

Travelstar 8GS is only two thirds of an inch thick (17 mm)
but it holds five times as much data and information as the
average notebook PC hard drive. IBM's new drive allows users
to take their work and home interests on the road, including
multimedia business and entertainment programs, downloaded
web sites, and digital photographs of family and friends.
Travelstar 8GS is also the first drive to exceed three
billion bits per square inch on each of its disk platters, a
new technology world record. Three billion bits is
equivalent to 187,500 double-spaced, typewritten
pages--enough paper to make a stack 63-feet tall, about the
height of a five-story building, on just a square inch of
the disk platter in Travelstar 8GS.

"IBM demonstrates its portable PC hard drive industry
leadership with these innovative storage solutions for
professionals and students on the go," said Bill Healy,
General Manager, Mobile Storage Products at IBM's Storage
Systems Division. About four out of ten notebook computer
hard disk drives shipping today are manufactured by IBM,
according to IDC.

An advantage to having a very large drive in the notebook
computer is that the user can download several CD-ROM
programs right onto the hard drive and avoid carrying a
stack of CD-ROMs while travelling. One can fit more than 70,
100-megabyte CD-ROM programs on one Travelstar 8GS, with
room to spare for the operating system and more.

IBM also announced today a 3-gigabyte thin PC hard drive
called Travelstar 3GN, which has a density that also exceeds
3 billion bits per square inch on each of its disk platters.

Travelstar 3GN is also the lightest 3-gigabyte hard disk
drive in the world, which means users can have thinner,
lower weight computers to carry with them around college
campuses, on aeroplanes, and at conventions.

Travelstar 3GN is so thin that the drive can fit in a
wallet, with room to spare for cash and credit cards.
Travelstar 3GN is slightly more than a third of an inch
thick (9.5 mm) and will enable new generations of super-slim
ultra-portable PCs

This new IBM drive is also the most rugged 2.5-inch hard
disk drive in the world, based on its non-operating shock
resistance rating. This helps prevent loss of data stored on
the hard drive if the notebook computer is dropped or bumped
during travel.

IBM's MRX (Magnetoresistive Extended) head technology gets
much of the credit for these record-breaking disk drives.
The MRX head technology component sends out stronger signals
than the previous generation heads, meaning it can store
more bits per square inch on a disk drive platter.

IBM is also using an innovative new technology called
Integrated Lead Suspension (ILS) in these drives. Invented
by IBM, ILS is a wire-like electronic device connected to
the MRX head technology component. It enables more disk
platters to be placed in a smaller space inside the drive,
while increasing performance and reliability.

IBM's exclusive smooth disk platters and Load/Unload
technology are additional contributors to the Travelstar
drives', technology records. Load/Unload technology helps
increase the drives, ruggedness and reliability, as well as
lower their power usage.

"To meet the dynamic requirements of notebook PC users, Acer
is working closely with its key component suppliers to keep
pace with industry changes. IBM is the leading hard disk
drive technology company and we enjoy a valuable
relationship with the company's mobile hard disk drive
group," said Haydn Hsieh, Vice President and General Manager
of Acer Incorporated. "We've been working with IBM to
qualify its drives early to assure our products meet
industry requirements," he added.

Both Travelstar drives are now being evaluated by notebook
computer manufacturers. Travelstar 3GN is shipping to
manufacturers now, and Travelstar 8GS will ship by December.
Acer Incorporated, Dell Computer Corporation, Gateway 2000,
IBM, Micron Electronics, and others plan to offer one or
both of these disk drives in their portable PCs starting
this year. Travelstar 8GS will be available during the first
quarter of 1998 as an upgrade option for selected notebook

For more information about IBM's disk drives call
1-800-IBM-7777 and request Dept. Star 30. The IBM storage
Web site address is:


Travelstar 8GS: 8.1GB and 6.4GB, 17mm thick, 3.09 billion
bits per square inch areal density, 4900 RPM, 6.1 msec avg.
latency, 400G non-operating shock, 125G operating shock, 512
KB buffer, 12 msec average read seek time, 33.3 MB/second
interface data rate with Ultra DMA. 8GB version: 5 disks and
10 MR heads featuring MRX head technology. Availability date
for OEM customers: December 1997

Travelstar 3GN: 3.2GB and 2.1GB, 9.5mm thick, 99 grams, 3.12
billion bits per square inch areal density, 4200 RPM, 7.1
msec avg. latency, 700G non-operating shock, 150G operating
shock, 128 KB buffer, 13 ms avg. read seek time, 33.3
MB/second interface data rate with Ultra DMA. 3.2GB version:
2 disks and 4 MR heads featuring MRX head technology.
Availability date for OEM customers: Now Both drives adhere
to Intel*,s new Mobile Power Guidelines *,99 and also
feature Enhanced Adaptive Battery Life Extender 2.0™,
Partial Response Maximum Likelihood (PRML) digital channels,
and No-ID™ sector formatting. These features combined make
the drives faster, more reliable and extend the notebook
computers*, battery lives.

All of IBM's hard drives will be demonstrated at Bally's
Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nev., during COMDEX, November

No-ID, Enhanced Adaptive Battery Life Extender 2.0 and IBM
are trademarks or registered trademarks of International
Business Machines Corporation. All other trademarks are
property of their respective owners. Press: photographs are
available through IBM PR. A white paper on Load/Unload
technology is also available.

Contact: Alison Stokes/Elspeth Knight A Plus Group Tel:
01753 790700

David Trussler IBM Storage Systems Tel: 01705 565506

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