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New Magic for a New Era book by Tom Evan

It’s great to have been selected for One Big Book Launch alongside such exciting authors

Ex-BBC television engineer Tom Evans has now published 11 books, created the world's first time management system based on mindfulness, hosts a successful podcast called The Zone Show and, most recently, become one of 10 winners to be featured at the One Big Book Launch.

His selection means that his latest book New Magic for a New Era, alongside nine others, will be launched on June 3 2015 at the Free Word Centre, 60 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3GA.

Speaking ahead of the event, Tom said, “It’s great to have been selected for One Big Book Launch alongside such exciting authors. New Magic for a New Era is about luck and how to bring more good fortune into your life. I must say that I feel lucky to have been chosen by CompletelyNovel for this award!”

So how did the book New Magic for a New Era come about?

Tom Evans was born and raised in Moss Side, Manchester, one of seven children. After attending grammar school, he went on to get a degree in Electronic Engineering at Birmingham University and work at BBC Manchester, Oxford Road. In 1983, Tom moved to London and built his own broadcasting service and equipment manufacturing company, which he sold in his mid-thirties before building a successful ecommerce business.

What’s more remarkable about the One Big Book Launch is that it’s in exactly the same building that Tom launched his broadcast manufacturing company in over 30 years ago, after leaving the BBC. See what Tom Evans says.

In his mid-forties, he became stressed and a friend suggested that he started meditating. At first he thought it would be a waste of time, but he persevered. After meditating daily for a few weeks, Tom found that his vitality, creativity and productivity had increased several-fold, and at the same time his stress was reduced. Tom wrote his first book while on holiday, which led him into a new career that he hadn’t planned. The book was published and he gave the unexpected proceeds of the book’s sales to charity.

Tom started to be approached by people looking for help writing and publishing books. He found that by teaching them simple meditative techniques he could help improve their creativity and eliminate writer’s block at the same time. His next two books were on these topics: how to get over creative blocks and how to tap into light bulb moments on demand.

He also discovered that when he wrote in a light meditative state, time seemed to take on a different quality and slow down. Getting into this special ’zone’ became the subject of his next books and became the inspiration behind his Zone Show podcast. It also led to the development of mindful time management programme Living Timefully and several other creative self-study online courses.

In the space of ten years, Tom has made the transition from hi-tech entrepreneur to full-time author, author’s mentor and internet broadcaster.

New Magic for a New Era was conceived when it was suggested to Tom by his business mentor that he’d never told the story of this life transition.

New Magic for a New Era tells this Manchester man’s journey and explains how it’s not obligatory to struggle. It also explains how to bring more wealth, health and happiness into your everyday life.



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More details about Tom, his books, courses and podcast can be found online at . Tom would be delighted to take part in interviews. New Magic for a New Era can be bought here. Review copies of the book available to journalists on request.

Tom Evans is an author specialising in making the esoteric (or unknown and hidden) into the exoteric (known and understood). He is also the creator of Living Timefully, a mindful approach to time management. Living Timefully is a self-study programme that will change your relationship with time at a fundamental level by changing the speed and nature of your thoughts.

‘A modern day mystic, a healer, a 21st century philosopher, a temporal alchemist and the wizard of light bulb moments’. These are just some of the many ways in which author Tom Evans has been described throughout his eclectic career. As well as being an author, Tom is an authors’ mentor and writers’ unblocker, specialising in motivation.

He hosts the popular podcast The Zone Show, which explores the way in which we get into, and stay in, ‘the zone’, and has written a book on the subject: The Zone: How to Get in It and Stay in It.

He is available for interview and to deliver inspiring keynote talks and workshops. He is also interested in interviewing people with interesting tales to tell on his podcast.

Living Timefully is also one of Tom’s many philanthropic initiatives. The self-study course is available free of charge to any one suffering from a terminal or life shortening condition so they can make the most of their time. It is also available for complementary preview for journalists and is especially useful for anyone working in an environment with deadlines. Tom has launched several other philanthropic initiatives this year making relaxing meditations freely available to those with ADHD, OCD, PSTD, dementia and life-shortening illnesses.

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