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LONDON 03 June: Imagine a global matchmaking platform where you could meet like-minded individuals to co-create a future worth living for, and make your own dream a reality. Dream Team Hub launches its 1st crowdfunding campaign to make crowdteaming™ a global reality.

Launching your own vision can often be an isolating and daunting prospect. Finding the best talent, experience and potential project partners has to date, been something that’s often happened by chance until now.

Watch the explanatory video: HERE

Dream Team Hub is an innovative technology driven platform that will connect aspiring game-changers, change-makers and social entrepreneurs online, so that they can create the perfect DREAM TEAM and drive social change projects together.

Dream Team Hub allows everyone to find their ideal co-creators to fulfil their dreams. That is, they help them create the ‘best fit’ team by identifying and locating like-minded peers with a shared vision and the best skills for the project. And in addition, Dream Team Hub will provide the essential bespoke project management tools to manage projects from the ground up for the newly formed teams, anywhere online.

Its founders Pascal van der Tuin, Rene Luijk and Dimitra Tzigianni identified this need as a result of the ever-growing mass of socially and ecologically conscious people who are ready to act now. These people might have found like-minded tribes on Facebook, or skilled professionals on LinkedIn, or general conversations on various campaigning platforms. However, to date there has been no crowdteaming™ platform specifically designed to bring people together with the aim of achieving social progress.

In the words of John Lennon “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one.”

Dream Team Hub is a marketplace like no other, empowering team action to co-create the world we wish to see. An egalitarian one that is inclusive, promotes equality and reflects pioneering leadership.

CEO Pascal van der Tuin commented “Dream Team Hub will help inspirational people follow their dreams by allowing them to be matchmade with ‘like-hearted’ individuals anywhere in the world who wish to make a difference in our societies.We’ll provide the tools and platform to empower these individuals to fulfil a destiny that they could never have imagined until now”.

The crowdfunding campaign launces on June 3rd at 20:00 Central European Time (CEST) / 19:00 British Time (BST) / 14:00 Eastern Time (EDT) / 11:00 Pacific Time (PDT) to help raise the initial $70,000 via crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. As the largest global site for fundraisers, Indiegogo helps individuals, groups and non-profits raise money online to make their ideas a reality through crowdfunding. Once the target is reached the core platform launches end of 2015. To find out more before the campaign starts visit or pledge your support from June 3rd.


Editors Notes:

About: Our World Dream: We dream of a better world. We look to create shared value through Interdependent social, ecological and economic progress. In the process, we aspire to offer self-empowerment to every single dreamer who's ready to act. That is, 1- Autonomy in life, 2- Doing what you love, 3- Purpose by working on something bigger than ourselves.

PASCAL VAN DER TUIN - Co-founder at Dream Team Hub, aspiring world changer

Pascal is an international marketing and social media expert with a ‘growth hacker’ mentality. As co-founder of Dream Team Hub, his mission is to enable globally conscious people co-create the world they want by empowering them with ground-breaking innovative technology to bring them together. He brings a wealth of experience as a hands-on strategist who has an accomplished background in marketing (15+ years), product development (5+) and business management (10+). His experience spans start-ups and SMEs in the Internet & Software industry internationally.

RENÉ LUIJK - Co-founder at Dream Team Hub, looking for world harmony and prosperity

Rene is co-founder at Dream Team Hub and a seasoned coach, mentor and team lead in global, remote and agile software development, who brings over 15 years of experience in web programming and 10 years in IT project management. Furthermore he has 12 years of experience as a start-up co-founder and/or SME manager. His goal is to help co-create tomorrow's world. As an open-minded idea generator and curious problem solver he’s on a continuous quest for world harmony and prosperity.

DIMITRA TZIGIANNI Co-founder at Dream Team Hub, aspiring to empower people for social change

Dimitra’s background in CSR and Sustainability spans 5+ years. She has also been an advisor for social enterprises in several countries and an On Purpose Fellow and Certified Accountant of 7+ years. As co-founder at Dream Team Hub, Dimitra aspires to create social change by empowering individuals and teams to work on social and environmental projects and ideas. She loves exploring and connecting projects with positive impact across the world.

KEY BENEFITS / USPs: A marketplace empowering team action independently of ruling status quo models by:

* TEAMING UP ‘BEST-FIT’ FOR FREE - Our free crowdteaming using our Crowdteaming Model™ enables everyone online to team up with the ‘best-fit’ people.

* HIGHLY TARGETED SKILL-BASED MATCHMAKING - Our Relational Interests & Skills Model™ provides teams with both highly effective and, if available, highly targeted skill-based matchmaking. There are already 10,000 skills modelled for optimal results when matching.

* PERSONALITY-BASED TEAMMATCHING - Our Team Behavioural Roles Test™ matches ones personality and teams for a best fit. And teams work best when there is a balance of primary team roles and common awareness of this among team members.

* TEAM PRODUCTIVITY TOOLING FOR FREE - Our free online collaboration tools support teams to get to work and start delivering and achieving.

Watch the explanatory video: HERE

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