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The beauty of the game is that anyone can play; all you need is a copy of the rules, line-marking equipment and a T3 specially designed net.

Enjoy history in the making with the launch of T3 Tennis at this year’s Give It a Go festival, Hampstead Heath

The crowds will be wowed by another world first from T3. In 2013, it was 3-a-side ping pong; this year it’s 3-a-side tennis on a circular court! The Olympic legacy event ‘Give It a Go’, which is now in its 4th year, will host this unique event. Organised by the City of London and Camden Council, the festival celebrates health and fitness by giving people a chance to try out sports for FREE in a bid to improve the nation’s overall fitness levels.

T3 Tennis is an innovative new game from the creators of T3 Ping Pong (3-a-side table tennis). T3 Tennis takes their 3-a-side concept out onto the tennis court. " The beauty of the game is that anyone can play; all you need is a copy of the rules, line-marking equipment and a T3 specially designed net. " The court is circular, with a distinctive 3-a-side arrangement. And as with T3 Ping Pong, the game is incredibly social and fast, as well as being engagingly unpredictable. Tennis players usually opt for a game strategy that complements their natural strengths, such as volleying or playing on the forehand. However the rules and unusual court formation of T3 Tennis mean that players must plan and act as a team of three, creating a completely new kind of game that even experienced players are finding an enjoyable challenge.

T3 Founder, Digi Berry commented, “I can’t think of a better place to launch a new sport than at a festival called ‘Give It A Go’! It fits perfectly with what T3 is all about: fun and fitness. Having seen how well our ping pong game was received there two years ago, I have even higher hopes for 3-a-side tennis! Hampstead Heath already attracts lots of seasoned tennis players as well as beginners, so it’ll be great to see both enjoying T3 Tennis.’’

T3 Tennis offer 3 games in one with a flexible net for an 18m/15m/10m game at a fraction of the cost of traditional tennis.

Traditional tennis is a great sport that anyone can play and enjoy for a lifetime, keeping players fit and healthy; yet opportunities to participate are limited by the availability of affordable tennis courts, not to mention its origins as an elitist sport. With installation costs ranging from £25,000 upwards for a single hard court designed for a maximum of 4 players, this is beyond the budget of many schools and parks. And those that do have them need to charge players a fee to cover expensive maintenance and repairs, which again puts it out of
the reach of potential players. With T3 Tennis, you can set up your own court immediately and at a tiny fraction of the cost giving everyone a chance to ‘give it a go’.

T3 Tennis: like tennis, only more fun!

T3 Tennis
This summer at GIAG Festival

Sunday 12th July 2015 1pm – 5.30pm
Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath, London

Join us and be one of the world’s first to play T3 3-a-side Tennis! Take your position at the circular court and experience this amazing game for FREE!

You’ll find us on the day located next to the Tennis Hut. Closest entrance via Highgate Road.
Nearest (tube symbol): Gospel Oak or Kentish Town.
Bus no. from Kentish Town: 214

RSVP: to book your place in a threesome for the match of a lifetime!
Tel: +44(0)20 7404 9594
Designed & Manufactured in the UK

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Notes to editors

How to play T3 Tennis (18m)
1) When serving, ball must land in the correct third.
2) Service is always delivered from centre third by player (A) who serves twice to each opponent, starting with player (A) standing directly opposite. Ball must land in their third.
3) Player (A) then serves to opponents (B) to his left and then (C) to his right, 2 serves to each player, 6 in total.
4) A single point is scored on each service ball unlike traditional tennis with the 1st and 2nd serve only counting for one point.
5) Receiving team maintain same starting positions throughout
6) Change of side after each side has completed their service. Repeat steps 1) to 4)
7) Once you have finished serving, return to your original position
8) First to 15 wins the game with 2 clear points to win
9) Best of 3 games to win a set
10) Best of 3 sets to win the match. (Last set if a tie needs 2 clear games to win)

About T3 Ping Pong

T3 Ping Pong is 3-a-side or 6-a-side table tennis. It follows similar rules to the traditional game, but it is played on a circular table with three or six players on each team. The distinctive circular design and specially constructed net are the foundations of a game which is fast, fun and addictive. 3-a-side ping pong can accommodate up to 12 players at one time, offering a greater range of shots, increasing the scope for spectacular rallies. At a time when ping pong is hugely popular among all age groups, T3 has captured the nation’s imagination, but then why wouldn’t it? With up to 12 players on the table at any one time, it’s being seen as a great way to be sociable and fun way to get fit.

Manufactured and designed here in the UK, the T3 range includes 3 types of indoor tables and two outdoor, all circular and designed for 6 (to 12 on T3T) players in three different sizes. The T3 SuperMini is designed for 3-6 year olds offering little ones the perfect introduction to racquet sports. Not only is the table their size but the bats too, scaled down in shape and size to fit their little mits! All T3 Tables can be personalised and branded.

T3 is the most revolutionary contribution to ping pong, since the game’s conception in the 1880s. It continues to capture the imaginations of both sporting professionals and novices alike.


For more information and images on the game, how to play and the full range of T3 tables and products, please visit:

Or contact Kath Lewis:
T: +44 (0)20 7404 9594 E:

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