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CA Traffic ANPR Cameras

The company’s strength is its in house design and development teams ability to develop solutions that offer a range of specialist functionality.

CA Traffichas been designing specialist ANPR cameras for the past 8 years and traffic monitoring solutions for over 20 years.

The company’s strength is its in house design and development teams ability to develop solutions that offer a range of specialist functionality.

CA’s products can be used together to deliver a range of data that is not typically available from any other traffic monitoring or ALPR system provider.

Recent innovations include the EvoX ANPR/CCTV camera, CA Warning and CA Speed Vehicle Activated signs as well as the Black CAT Radar and Black CAT Bluetooth journey time monitor.

CA’s holistic approach also means that their products are future-proofed against any new developments. For example, their new Black CAT inductive loop classifiers were designed with modularity in mind – this means that everything CA produces has the capability to have its functionality separated and recombined.

CA Traffic's developers have combined years of experience and expertise to bring to the market a product family with added value, that meets the advanced needs of today’s market whilst considering tomorrow’s technology.

This gives them the potential to develop alternative products based on the Black CAT’s core technology and application software and add it to existing systems down the line.

Product focus- Inductive loop instruments

The core range of inductive loop instruments feature battery powered ‘Compact’ units with inputs for up to 24 loops and mobile communications (GSM, GPRS or 3G); single loop classification is also available as a cheaper option.
The mains powered ‘Midi’ allows additional technologies and capabilities which can be added to the systems including Ethernet communications, axel, WIM sensors and Bluetooth journey time cards, allowing to run dual surveys simultaneously.

At the top end of the range there is the ‘19’’ Rack’ unit which has all the capabilities of the ‘Midi’. This has the ability to operate as a centralised ITS system and can accept a full range of sensor inputs (up to 64 channels).

Additionally switch cards can interface with any external equipment such as variable message signs (VMS) or ANPR cameras.


The creation of CA Traffic’s Black CAT range has enabled the development of CA Traffic two new products: the Black CAT Radar and the Black CAT Bluetooth Monitor. This is an example of CA’s foresight as they seek to develop and improve our technology.

Black CAT Radar capabilities:

• Capability to collect traffic data without the need for in-road traffic sensors.
• Detecting the lane position of vehicles.
• Can monitor two lanes of traffic moving in the same direction.
• Accurate vehicle length measurements which allows for VBV classification

The Black CAT Bluetooth provides accurate historical and live journey time data.

The units allow for dial-up operation (this only applies if a modem has been fitted) or they can send data automatically (if connected to a Catalyst in-station via GPRS). Both units have an option of solar/mains power and communications which allow for temporary or permanent installations.


As with everything that CA Traffic do, the Black CAT WIM was developed to meet the needs of modern weigh-in motion applications by having the capability to work with Class 1 Piezo Sensors or Kistler WIM sensors. Alternatively using Class 2 Piezo sensor gives the option for axle classification.


CA Traffic provide a range of ANPR cameras known as the Evo8 and the newly launched EvoX. Having provided approaching 2,000 units to the demanding UK Police market CA are ideally placed as a leading supplier of intelligent ANPR Camera systems.

The EvoX, as the latest addition to CA’s product range, offers a number of ground breaking features within the ANPR sector such as motorized zoom lenses, enhanced night time overview functionality, high resolution cameras and offers a full 9.5m field of view

The amalgamation of the Evo range of ANPR cameras and the Black CAT WIM outstation provides a successful speed and weight violation solution.

How does this work?

The Black CAT delivers a trigger signal to the Evo at the exact point when the vehicle is first detected passing over one of the entry loops. This creates a timestamp which ensures that both sources are related to the same vehicle.

Once the targeted vehicle crosses the WIM sensors and the loops, the Black CAT will be able to carry out the classifications, speed measurements and weight calculations. While the Black CAT is doing this, the Evo is capturing a set of images so that it can perform licence plate recognition.

After the targeted vehicle has cleared the in-ground sensors, the Black CAT will have already completed its data analysis, it will then send a ‘trigger end’ signal to the Evo. Once this has been done, the Black CAT will finalise everything by processing an overview image with embedded metadata which includes location, timestamp, plate read, vehicle class as well as the weight and the speed.

Combining all of the functionality of CA Traffics traditional counter classifiers in to a flexible, modular design with vastly improved specification and functionality the Black CAT is the father of an ever growing family of traffic monitoring equipment.

Contact Kyranjeet Sanghera to find out more about CA Traffic and their wide range of ANPR software.

You can find Kyranjeet at: or you can call her on 01296 333 499.

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