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Pierre Kirk

We intend to become the only mainstream political party in the UK to stand for returning the country to the European Union

Last week Nigel Farage laid down the gauntlet with his Brexit Party launch. There are others with a completely opposite view who believe that staying in the EU is the best option for those who love the UK and want the best for its citizens. Pierre Kirk, 42, is the leader of the new political challenger called The UK EU Party (UKEUP), set up by a group of London-based politically aware lawyers working in the city of London with other young professionals.

“We stand for the gentler side of politics, having one aim and that is to stop Brexit. We intend to become the only mainstream political party in the UK to stand for returning the country to the European Union.

“In the longer term, The UK EU Party’s aim will be to contest any future UK general election as the same ‘one policy, one purpose’ party, demanding that Europe be a central issue. Europe is the party’s raison d’être, but we also stand for a broader, inclusive, centrist form of politics.”

As with the six million ‘Remainers’ who backed the recent Petition to Revoke Article 50, and the one million people who took to the streets of London for The People’s March last month, those behind UKEUP have decided to act after seeing the chaos caused by the British government and opposition since the EU Referendum in 2016.

With the Conservatives and Labour veering to the edges of the political spectrum and thus becoming harsher, nastier, and less willing to compromise, the UKEUP believes that the centre ground of British politics is being left under-represented. For anybody who voted for New Labour, David Cameron’s Tory party, or who is simply aghast at the various extremists vying for control of the country, UKEUP intends to adopt policies for those who currently feel alienated.

The Party will place an emphasis on supporting British business, and the professional services sector, in particular. Since the first EU Referendum, thousands of service jobs have already been lost to the continent. Many more will follow unless the UK stops Brexit.

The second area of focus will be to represent the youth of Britain, and to help give them the future that leaving the EU simply will not provide.

The UK EU Party views the European Elections as an opportunity for the country to hold a second ‘informal’ referendum on Brexit. Following the May elections, and assuming the party wins a larger share of the vote than the Brexit parties, UKEUP could then quite reasonably say to the British government, ‘‘Here is clear evidence that the British public wish to return to the EU, and thus we demand a second referendum. No longer can the British Prime Minister say that they are simply following the will of the people.’’ Such a result would put the Party in a hugely significant position to lead second referendum supporters in lobbying the government.

Pierre Kirk continues, “Our party has registered to compete in the upcoming European Elections. We have a number of business donors and public figures keen to commit to our party once the British government confirms that the UK will participate in those elections.

“We have an election campaign team in place, which already numbers a few dozen volunteers, mostly comprising friends, family and work colleagues. We anticipate receiving backing from many more people, including people who voted in the Petition and People’s March. The Remain demographic is very active and politicized right now.”

Pierre Kirk

Pierre is an experienced contract and investigatory lawyer based in London who will stand as a candidate for UKEUP in the European Election.

Pierre has a Masters focusing on the early development of legal concepts from Durham University, an LLB from Huddersfield and did his undergraduate degree at the University of London. He grew up in London and attended the London Oratory School. He has primarily worked at US and international law firms and banks, and at Lexis Nexis (legal publisher) as a Commissioning Editor, focusing on financial regulation from a political perspective.

Pierre was born in New Orleans and came to the UK at the age of 11 with his family. He is a UK citizen, a family man with young children and is driven to keep the UK in the European Union.

Cordelia McGeown

Cordelia is a healthcare communications executive who plans to stand as a candidate for UKEUP in the European Elections.

Cordelia graduated with a Masters in European Affairs from Sciences Po Paris and completed her undergraduate degree at Queen’s University, Belfast. She has worked in Brussels for WHO, in Washington DC for Congressman Gerry Connolly and is a freelance writer for HSJ. Born in Belfast and raised in Armagh, Cordelia is never far from Northern Ireland and has campaigned for NI interests throughout her career.

As a 23-year-old professional Cordelia has taken on the mission that the younger generation must be better represented. She is passionate about UKEUP because they want to give a voice to young people like her.

Sophie Larroque

Born and raised in France, now in London for seven years, Sophie is a French barrister and a registered European lawyer at the Law Society who plans to stand as a candidate for UKEUP in the European Elections.

After graduating at Dauphine and La Sorbonne, Sophie worked for a “Big Four” Accountancy firm and a large French law firm. Her interests include politics, European culture and humanities.

Sophie considers herself a true Londoner and is passionate that the United Kingdom must remain in Europe.

Pacelli Ndikumana

Pacelli currently works as a lawyer in the UK and is involved in defending minority groups’ rights in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. He plans to stand as a candidate for UKEUP in the European Elections.

He is a spokesman for asylum seekers and UK communities from East Africa. In addition, Pacelli has specialised in regulatory, economic sanctions and tax compliance under the EU and US regimes.

Pacelli was born in Burundi and grew up in Belgium before returning to Burundi where he completed his secondary and university education. He was admitted to the Burundi Bar in 1996 after several years’ experience in law. Active in social justice and defending political opponents of the regime, he has a strong reputation. After a period of persecution for defending political prisoners he was held for more than a year without any charge and escaped with his family to the UK as an asylum seeker in 2000. Pacelli was granted British citizenship in 2005. He has a deeply held belief that the UK must remain in Europe. He is married with one son.

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