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Sophie Hinchcliffe

Cleaning is also a sure-fire way to relieve stress and similarly, both the Queen of Clean and Mrs Hinch swear by cleaning to help aid mental worries

There’s nothing that satisfies quite like a clean and orderly home. Just like Miss Tiggywinkle, the notion of a spotless home fills us with pride. But sometimes the idea of tackling your household chores can seem daunting, especially if you don’t have much time to spare. Unless of course you have the right equipment, methods and motivation.

Enter a new breed of glamorous online cleaning sensations! Blazing the trail is the original Queen of Clean, Lynsey Crombie from Peterborough in Cambridgeshire, and following closely in her sparkling footsteps is Essex-born Sophie Hincliffe, better known as ‘Mrs Hinch’ and her army of followers, fondly nicknamed, ‘Hinchers’. Both cleaning fanatics have taken the world by storm through their respective Instagram accounts and quirky housework hacks.

The Queen of Clean and Mrs Hinch endorse their favourite products daily and Mrs Hinch affectionately names many of them. This new and personal approach to household cleaning appeals to millions due to their warm sense of familiarity towards their products and their crowd-pleasing approach. Cleaning is now considered cool.

As a nation of proud property owners, our home is our castle. A cleaning survey reports that 47% of us spend up to five hours a week cleaning our abodes*, signalling just how important cleaning and tidying is for us.

Cleaning is also a sure-fire way to relieve stress and similarly, both the Queen of Clean and Mrs Hinch swear by cleaning to help aid mental worries. Lynsey’s love of cleaning helped her overcome a difficult period in her life and she has now turned it into a hugely successful business. Likewise, Sophie suffered from anxiety at a young age and it was cleaning which helped her conquer panic attacks and set her on the path to becoming a cleaning guru.

To help breathe a new lease of life into your home, high street retailer Robert Dyas has put together some handy hints and tips to help you combat your cleaning. They have rounded up our celebrity cleaners’ favourite and must-have products to help you battle the grime in your abode. And no matter how much time you have, whether it’s all day or 10 minutes to spare each day, don’t let the dust defeat you. A little effort goes a long way.

Power Products

Creams, gels, sprays and liquids. There is a plethora of products to choose from so tried and tested is always best. Each of our cleaning experts truly believe in their firm favourites, always maintaining that you don’t need to spend a lot, to go far.

Great minds think alike! For a sparkling bathroom, the cleaning gurus love their Flash Bathroom Cleaner Spray – 500ml (£2.39). This super-spray will tackle build ups of water marks, soap scum and general grime to keep your taps, showers and bathtubs looking their best.

The pristine pair are also united in their attack on limescale with Harpic Duragard 100% Limescale Remover (£1.99). This toilet cleaner performs better than bleach, not only dissolving 100% of limescale but also kills 99.9% of germs and removes stains.

As the name suggests, the Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker (£3.89) boasts a super powerful formula that dissolves hair, scum and grime to blast blockages in plugholes and pipes effectively. Approved by the Queen of Clean herself, Buster is fast-acting and works on all pipes, including septic systems.

For a rejuvenating clean with a cream, this Cif White Cream Cleaner - 500ml (£2.79) won’t see you wrong. Perfect for sinks, baths, sills and just about anything that needs a thorough scrub. Mrs Hinch loves hers so much, she’s calls this product ‘Cliff’.

Don’t forget to keep your mitts protected whilst scrubbing away to your heart’s content. Don a pair of Mrs Hinch’s beloved ‘Greggory Gloves’, the Spontex Softhands Rubber Gloves - Medium (£2.99). With an interior made of cotton fibres and enriched with added sweet almond oil, these are guaranteed to safeguard and moisturise hands, simultaneously.

Whilst it’s all very well washing our clothes regularly, it’s no good if your washing machine isn’t in peak, physical condition. Keep your appliance and laundry looking tip top with this Dettol Washing Machine Cleaner - 250ml (£3.99) for a hygienic and longer-lasting wash with every use.

Tools of the Trade

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail and no matter how big or small the job, you can’t clean effectively without the right tools. Here is a selection of the dynamic duo’s ‘can’t live without’ products which see them through home chores.

Our cleaning celebs concur on this one! Get the washing up achieved with ease and ‘put the sink to bed’ with the help of these Scrub Daddy Original Yellow Sponges - 8 Pack (£16.99). Made from FlexTexture material which will change texture based on your water temperature, you’ll have a firm sponge when used in cold water and a soft one when using warm water, so you can banish stains no matter how tough they might be. And to keep it equal, there’s a Scrub Mummy (£2.50) version too, which comes in a fabulous fuchsia pink to add a pop of colour to your sink.

Affectionately known as ‘Vera’, Mrs Hinch can’t be without her Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop (£27.49). Designed for filling with detergent and a spray trigger handle, this mop is always ready to clean, with no need for extra buckets and sprays. Simply fill with detergent, spray onto the mess and mop away to your hearts content. What’s more, the mop head has a removable microfibre pad with textured scrubbing areas for extra cleaning power on tough dirt, so it’s great for keeping kitchen floors sparkling.

Bring home your very own ‘Buddy’ and ‘Brian’ with the Spontex Microfibre Kitchen Kit (£2.79). Do like Mrs Hinch and keep your kitchen looking pristine with these handy kitchen cloths, which include a 3D weave for removing grease and stains throughout the home. Or for a slight variation on a theme, The Queen of Clean is a fan of the next generation of Spontex Magic Effect Microfibre Cloths (£3.49). These are resistant to wear and tear, dry four times more efficiently and the cloths will stay flexible when they dry out.

Fresh as a Daisy

Heavenly household scents are key for our cleaning superheroes who are always eager to share their fresh ideas on how to keep odours at bay.

Sometimes old methods are the best and why change a winning classic? Perfect for removing stains and smells, this Dri-Pak Bicarbonate of Soda - 500g (£1.79) provides a timeless solution around the home. Both damsels use this household staple on soft furnishings such as mattresses and upholstery.

Ever tried an Ecoegg laundry egg asks the Queen of Clean? Not only does the laundry egg have a lovely fresh cotton scent but is a natural alternative to using detergent. It's filled with two mineral pellets that last up to 210 washes (1 year for the average family) and it creates a powerful cleaning foam to lift dirt and grime from all your clothes whilst still being great for sensitive skin.

To clean and refresh your carpets, there’s nothing better than Mrs Hinch’s beloved ‘Snow’, AKA the 1001 Linen and White Flowers Carpet Fresh Spray – 300ml (£2.99). Spray directly onto carpets for a deeply penetrating foam which cleanses and removes stubborn smells. And because it dries rapidly, there’s no need to vacuum after use. Easy peasy!

The Queen of Clean banishes bad odours in the kitchen and bathroom with fragrant yet forceful Buster Plughole Sanitiser Granules (£3.89). This potent formula works in dishwashers, washing machines and waste disposals where bacteria multiply causing bad smells and potentially harmful germs and leaves a fresh citrus scent, ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

And finally, our fragrant ladies hold a mutual appreciation for the fresh citrus zing scent of the Bin Buddy (£4.29). Simply sprinkle into your empty bin to eliminate smells, soak up spills and repel flies and insects.

Don’t go into cleaning combat without the correct kit. Let battle commence!

*Source – Harvey Water Softeners and Talkhealth cleaning survey 2018

Prices are correct to the time the press release was issued.

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