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Every telephone in the UK can now access Internet content without the need for a computer, set-top box or WAP browser. This has been made possible by the launch of the BrowseByPhoneTM Voice Portal by UK wireless Internet specialists Waperture.

The BrowseByPhoneTM service is a UK first. BrowseByPhoneTM allows ordinary telephone users to access user-selected Internet content by voice and a telephone keypad. With BrowseByPhoneTM all of the UK's telephone users are now potentially Internet users - with no need to buy a PC or special phone. It is the UK's first Voice Internet Service Provider (vISP).

Alongside BrowseByPhoneTM, Waperture are also launching a new WAP service on their WapGata portal which allows WAP users to access the same user-selected Internet content on WAP phones without any WAP engineering.

Both services use GataGrab, the latest proprietary web-to-WAP-to-voice (wwvTM) 'click-and-grab' technology created by Waperture Ltd. The technology brings easy to use speech and WAP facilities to the wider public and not just to the Internet fraternity.

The GataGrab wwvTM service allows any business or individual, to grab an existing web page from the Internet. It then displays the relevant contents not only on a WAP phone without any WAP building knowledge, but also allows users to hear the content as speech on any phone through the Browse By Phone voice portal, whether the phone is fixed (wired) or mobile (wireless)!

David Shaw, Marketing Manager of Waperture said, "Although we still feel that well developed WAP applications have their place, the fact is that much of what people want to access when mobile has too much data for a WAP phone. And worst still WAP phones have nowhere near the penetration of ordinary voice phones. Over 92% of the UK population have access to a phone and BrowseByPhoneTM now allows all these people to access web based content. No PC, no WAP - they simply dial a number from any telephone and listen!"

From the BrowseByPhone TM

or WapGata

web sites, users tell the system which web pages they are interested in - a 'grab' in GataGrabTM parlance. Since GataGrab's need no downloadable software to set up they can even be set up from a Cyber-café PC. At any time thereafter, they then dial the BrowseByPhoneTM number - 0906 214 1881, punch in the unique GrabCode for the page and listen to the page being read back to them - live off the Internet. To access from WAP users just go to the Wapgata portal

select GataGrab and enter the GataCode.

Companies, clubs or individuals can pass GrabCodes onto their friends, customers and other users who then just need to dial into the BrowseByPhoneTM voice portal, type in the numeric GrabCode on their phone and listen to the web page. So users don't even have to be able set up a Grab themselves to use the system!

David continued "We can see no limit to the uses that will be found. They range from sports and hobby enthusiasts accessing their club or team events and results lists, through business executives accessing driving directions or company reports, to web masters remotely monitoring the use of their web site. Analysts have estimated that the Voice e-services market will represent a $47 billion opportunity by 2005. With BrowseByPhoneTM and GataGrab we have moved the UK a big step closer to making this market a reality. We know of no-one else in the world who is doing such a user-driven voice portal. As users become familiar with our Internet access we may extend the service to provide almost full web surfing capabilities"

The service is also ideal for webmasters who want to extend their existing web site service to WAP and voice users with the minimum of effort. Small and medium size enterprises could even use the system to give themselves an instant telephone information line - and a WAP presence - simply by grabbing a page from their existing web site. This way they can reach users who are not confident about using, or don't have regular access to, a web or WAP browser.

Shaw continues "We have teamed up with the Cambridge-based speech technology experts Vocalis to provide this unique and world first facility. And we are already moving the service into the next arena and are in confidential talks with prominent news feed service provider. We would be pleased to hear from anyone who feels our technology can add value to their offering."

Waperture also believe their technology can help bring web access to those who have struggled to benefit from the web in the past. They are keen to investigate applications for the visually impaired community. BrowseByPhoneTM can genuinely bring the web alive over a simple house phone.

"Two pilot sites have been used in testing programmes and both are from the grass-roots user base rather than the heady clouds of the big name web and phone operators. Both sites have used the service to read and hear results, get location information and other web-produced content for the last couple of months. The feedback has been incredible and is down to the fact that the content is selected by the individual and derived from one web source without any reconfiguration from the user. GataGrab technology sorts that out for them!"

Once the service is established in the UK, Waperture are keen to expand into the US, Australia and Europe. Waperture also plan to release a number of different voice services under the BrowseByPhoneTM banner, including conventional portal services such as sports, news and weather, and the ability for users to build their own voice sites and services. Waperture can also provide their technology through white label deals to existing web portals.

The BrowseByPhoneTM service can be accessed on the Internet from or, and over WAP from To access from a telephone dial 0906 214 2393 to hear a demonstration or 0906 214 1881 for the live service. Both are premium rate lines charging 25p/minute for ordinary BT phone users - there are no additional set-up or subscription costs. Rates from mobile phones and other telephone companies may vary.

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Established only in May this year Waperture is an innovative wireless internet start-up based in Birmingham, UK. Its founders bring together over 20 years of wireless data experience, and top-level management skills.

WapGata is the consumer wireless internet service of Waperture. WapGata services include WapGata Domain checking, QuizGata, GataJoke, a WAP jump-point which halves the time taken to enter WAP addresses and GataCard, the wireless business card service.

Information about Waperture can be found on the web at

and on WAP at

Information about WapGata can be found on the web at and on WAP at

An audio summary of Waperture can be found on BrowseByPhoneTM (0906 214 1881), just enter GrabCode 110.

For interviews, quotes or further information about Waperture, GataGrab or BrowseByPhoneTM please contact:

David Shaw on 0701 0711 927 or





Information about Vocalis found on the web at

WAP is a new international standard for providing information services and Internet access over mobile phones. All 4 UK cellular networks now offer WAP access, and all major phone manufacturers have WAP based products.

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