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Next-Generation Solution Lets Businesses Tailor Application Access To Match Real-World Business Policies

Entegrity Solutions® Corporation, a leader in application security software and services, today introduced Entegrity AssureAccess, a next-generation access management product line that gives businesses the flexible and powerful security they need to extend their mission-critical applications to the Internet. Designed for highly distributed Web and application environments, Entegrity AssureAccess accelerates the deployment and expansion of e-business applications and services by making it easier for businesses to control application access within and between enterprises.

Based on open standards and implemented in Java, Entegrity AssureAccess enables businesses to tailor fine-grained application access to real-world business needs by defining dynamic policies for the four required access management components - authentication, authorisation, audit and administration. One example of Entegrity AssureAccess in business use is in the healthcare industry where Entegrity helps speed implementation and efficiency of large-scale policy-based access to protected resources and confidential records. In another example, AssureAccess helps e-business market makers and other enterprises securely extend their applications over the Internet to customers, suppliers and partners.

"Security is crucial for protecting sensitive medical and patient information," said Mark Hays, chief technology officer and director of Web development for Ingenix. "Entegrity AssureAccess is unique in allowing us to implement standard yet flexible policies to protect critical medical data and also leverage LDAP directories for user and policy information storage."

"Our customers must have single sign-on across all our digital transportation marketplace applications as well as our other products and we must have an access management solution that can be easily managed," said Ed Simmons, chief technology officer of "Entegrity AssureAccess allows us to easily manage consistent access security policies across multiple applications, and will scale to meet our rapid growth in users and transactions."

"Access management policy is key to implementing realistic, effective business relationships within e-business applications, and Entegrity AssureAccess delivers the most advanced policy capability available today," said Geoff Charron, vice president of access management at Entegrity. "Businesses can use AssureAccess to get a broad range of e-business applications, whether existing or under development, to market more quickly and securely while significantly reducing the cost to support, administer and maintain them."

Dynamic Policies
AssureAccess policies are dynamic, allowing businesses to easily adapt application and service access in response to changing business or market conditions. Dynamic policies allow businesses to exercise unlimited personalisation, including which application functionality is made available, which information is visible, which administrative access is permitted and whether audits are performed or not.

AssureAccess policies are unique in their ability to reflect real-world, dynamic business policies. They could be configured, for example, to control a manufacturer's on-line partner application to enforce this rule: 'If a gold-level distributor has sold 110 percent of quota in ABC-Widget sales, grant them a 20 percent margin bonus for five business days, provided their 30 day accounts receivable is less than $100,000.'

Comprehensive policy-based auditing - distinctive to AssureAccess - provides the information businesses need to optimise and tune access policies to reflect how individuals actually use applications. AssureAccess supports any authentication mechanism, from simple username and password to very secure digital certificates. AssureAccess stores policy and configuration information in any LDAP v3 directory, requiring no other database. Entegrity provides a portfolio of professional services for AssureAccess customisation or deployment.

The 'authenticate centrally, authorise locally' AssureAccess architecture protects back-end application frameworks as well as Web servers, ensures superior flexibility, performance and scalability, and makes it possible to place management responsibilities where they belong. Simple and flexible browser-based administration makes it easy for businesses to securely delegate access management administration of users, policies and applications to partners.

"AssureAccess provides the flexibility and scalability that enterprises need to enforce an access security policy across a wide range of their applications," said Graham Titterington, senior analyst, Ovum Ltd.

Entegrity AssureAccess has been successfully installed in selected client sites for several months and is available immediately.
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Entegrity Solutions
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About Entegrity Solutions

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