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Exclusive Video Series Takes Unusual Approach To Educating Consumers

28, September 2012 --- Cash-strapped consumers may express hatred for payday loans, but you’ve never seen the industry itself partake in self-loathing—until now.
In a strange twist, a series of exclusive videos launched by payday lending site 100 Day Loans UK confronts the stigmas plaguing these short-term loans.

A Unite union survey reveals that around 4 million consumers rely on payday loans, borrowing approximately £327 per month to get by, while losing more wages to pay off interest.

100 Day Loans UK recognizes the road to borrowing is paved with risks. While competitors tend to gloss over harsh borrowing realities, 100 Day Loans UK attempts to shine a light on the darker side of payday lending.

Unfortunately, payday loan misinformation may be all too accessible to potential...

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