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Le Parfait way to preserve your beautifully home-cooked food

To cooks in Britain, the word ‘preserves’ conjures up images of jams, marmalade, pickles, Women’s Institute meetings and country crafts. But thanks to an 80 year old French invention and the rising popularity of ‘cook your own’, all that is about to change.

To the French, ‘preserves’ means a complete meal lovingly created by hand, then stored in a jar, ready to be plucked from the larder months later for an immediate gastronomic delight.

The difference is the French cook’s secret - ‘Le Parfait’ – the complete food preservation system in glass.

With the rise of country kitchens, farmers’ markets and preparing food from scratch to make us all healthier, Le Parfait has chosen the perfect moment to expand its distribution nationally across Britain.

Whether it is a rich tasty...

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