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Looking After Kids From The Outside-In...


With the potential of doing to children’s organics what Anita Roddick did to cruelty-free cosmetics in the eighties, Geordie housewife turned eco-entrepreneur, Joanne Urquhart-Arnold has, quite literally, taken on the world with the launch of an organic clothing, skincare and toy website brand,

A Mother of 2 herself, Joanne (33) was conscious that whilst she might feed her two young daughters on the very best organic food produce, she had little control over the rest of their lives – their toys, the fabrics that touched their bodies and their skincare itself.

She comments, “I had read numerous reports and studies in the newspapers about all the chemicals that are used in things like skincare, or the harmful bleaches and dyes used in children’s clothing etc – and to be honest it scared me. Like any responsible mother, I’d die for my kids. Afterall, we want to give them the best start in life. And these stories opened my eyes to the dangers lurking out there that most of us don’t even register. But it also opened my mind in to the possibilities of doing something about it. I’m not a big multi-national company, I’m a mother of 2 girls who is trying to do right by my kids and I believe that there is a growing number of other worried parents, grandparents, carers out there that are in the same mindset as me”.

And thus, was borne – a website devoted to offering the very best in organic and fair-trade products – without any of the nasty ingredients that can harm our kids. It is, essentially, looking after our kids from the outside-in.

Featuring products that have been hand-sourced from around the world personally, the site features everything from kids clothing, kids skincare, kids toys – but doesn’t forget that mum and dad might want something of their own too! All the products featured are organic, fair trade and from only ethical manufacturers. “I wanted to give people a choice and the ability to buy products without the guilt”.

It is this compelling message that she hopes to continue to highlight to a new-generation of mums and mums-to-be that in making small steps forward in the welfare of our kids, it all contributes to a much safer and healthier future.

But not content with simply putting this online, Joanne has created a roadshow concept that is touring around the northeast region’s schools and nurseries. Here, it gives people the opportunity to see and touch the products for themselves. They can then appreciate that this is not hippy mumbo jumbo – far from it, this is cutting edge but wholesome products for the entire family to enjoy.

Alternatively, the full product range can be viewed and purchased-securely online at


For more information on contact Joanne Urquhart-Arnold on 01207 284754 or email her directly at

High Resolution images are available on request.

Note to Editors:

Joanne Urquhart-Arnold is available for comment and interviews. Please use the number set out above.

Roadshow Enquiries should be made directly to Joanne Urquhart-Arnold. has already garnered press attention, most notably from 69 magazine, which is a midlands and northwest circulating lifestyle magazine aimed squarely at the upwardly mobile, young, affluent yummy-mummy brigade. (See below for feature).

**Excerpt from 69 Magazine’s Winter Edition – out November 27)


We all want the best for our kids, our nieces, our nephews, our friends’ kids, right? Whilst Organic food has been on everyone’s lips over the past year or so (pardon the pun), what about what they wear, what comes in to contact with their skin, what they play with? Whereas the food gives them the best from the inside-out, we have found a fabulous new website – - which looks after our loved ones from the outside in. So go on, give green a go and receive a free ‘warm feeling’ to boot!

Whether it’s organic clothing for kids, organic toys or skincare for babies, children, men or women, is the perfect site for ethical pressie buying this Christmas. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this is hippy mumbo-jumbo, the products sourced are as good as any that you would find on any high-street shelf, but you are safe in the knowledge that they have been hand-picked from around the globe, represent the very best in organic and fair-trade products and are free from harmful chemicals, which have been linked to so many terrible side-effects in babies and infants. Why buy organic? Because we love them and they’re worth it.

We particularly liked:

Anabelle Lamb. £19.99

George Hand Puppet. £19.99

Organic Men’s Gift Pack. Contains Aftershave Oil, Nourishing Cream and Body Oil. £46.40

Organic Women’s Gift Pack. Contains Daytime Moisturiser, Facial Cleanser and Facial Toner.