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"I am delighted that Lynn Featherstone has highlighted this important omission – there are 1 billion disabled people in the world, one in every seven of us – far too many to be overlooked in this way.

The Paralympics had wonderful values but currently the aid business does not reflect them. Disabled people need to count and be counted – some of the poorest people in the world should have the opportunity to benefit from international aid alongside others.

If governments and aid organisations are serious about tackling the exclusion of disabled people, then this week in New York, the panel co-chaired by David Cameron which is recommending new global goals for the next 20-30 years must require checks on how many disabled people benefit from aid*. "

*These goals will replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which end in 2015 and which exclude any meaningful mention of disabled people – one of the main reasons for the problems we see...

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