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CompuServe UK, the online service provider of choice for the busy professional, has linked
with TheatreNet and Ticketmaster, making it fast and easy to find theatre information or make
a secure, online ticket booking.

"If you want to see a pop concert, a Premiership match or have an evening at the theatre,
these new services will virtually eliminate the need for listings magazines, telephone
enquiries and queuing at the box office," says Jemma Patton, Senior Producer at CompuServe
UK. "Now you can check everything from a seating plan to ticket availability in one place -
all that’s needed is CompuServe UK and a credit card to find information and book tickets
online, securely and instantly."

Find a show
CompuServe UK’s comprehensive listings service now includes TheatreNet, the UK’s most popular
theatre website, which receives over one million hits a month. With information on provincial
and repertory shows through to the West End spectaculars, the site offers UK theatre news and
previews, links to show websites and a comprehensive check on opening and closing
productions. TheatreNet is located under Theatre in CompuServe UK’s Entertainment Channel.

TheatreNet’s development manager Richard Andrews says. "We’ve received many plaudits -such as
being an encyclopaedic site, easy to navigate and well presented, and we’ve also been hailed
as the best backstage gossip on the London theatre scene. I can’t disagree with either of
those views and we look forward to even more success through our partnership with CompuServe

Secure booking online
CompuServe UK’s Entertainment, Lifestyle and Sport Channels now include links to
Ticketmaster, the UK’s leading ticket company, offering bookings for a huge range of
sporting, entertainment and cultural events.

After reading previews of autumn and winter events such as Disney’s The Lion King© or the
Royal Academy’s Van Dyck exhibition, members can link to Ticketmaster to make a secure
booking in real time.

"Ticketmaster’s online service accounts for over seven per cent of all tickets sold,"
director of marketing, Kate Hampton, says. "The most popular events vary day to day but the
top West End shows are perennially popular, particularly with visitors to the site from the
USA. For some events, between 30 and 40 per cent of all the tickets have been sold online.
Every day, a list of the top 50 searched events is updated and is currently dominated by
musicals, comedy, football and pop."


Notes to Editors:

About AOL Europe and CompuServe UK
CompuServe UK was founded in 1988 and is established as the online service provider of choice
for the busy professional. CompuServe provides well organised access to the Internet and to
hundreds of unique products and services across a broad range of topics including news,
business and financial services, travel, entertainment and games, magazines, computer
discussion groups and home shopping. CompuServe’s 600+ Forums are widely recognised as the
Internet’s foremost interactive communities for quality discussion and debate.

AOL Europe was formed in late 1995 as a joint partnership between America Online Inc. and
Bertelsmann AG. From the first service launch in 1996, it has grown from 0 to 2.7 million
households in just over 3 years, making it the largest European Internet online service. AOL
Europe is committed to the same multiple-brand strategy successfully developed by America
Online, Inc. in the US. AOL Europe manages all of AOL's, CompuServe's and Netscape Online's
European services across 5 countries. It employs approximately 2000 people.

In headlines and stories, the proper usage of our corporate name is: "AOL Europe, a joint
venture between America Online, Inc. and Bertelsmann AG," or "AOL UK, a division of AOL
Europe."We appreciate strict adherence to this usage guide and to the "AOL Europe" corporate

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information on CompuServe, please visit our online press office in the Company Information
section of our homepages:

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About Ticketmaster UK
Ticketmaster's main areas of business are the supply and management of computerised ticketing
systems and entertainment ticket distribution. The company currently operates in the US,
Canada, Mexico, Australia, Argentina, Chile, Eire and the UK.

Ticketmaster launched its web site in May 1998. Since launch, ticket sales have doubled each
month, and the site attracts an average of 15,000 users per day. All events on sale through
Ticketmaster are available via the
CompuServe partnership.

Ticketmaster has over 3,750 clients world-wide including the best known arenas, sports teams,
live entertainment promoters, concert halls, outdoor events, theme parks, tourist
attractions, museums and theatres.
Ticketmaster is the UK's leading ticketing company, with an eighteen year track record in the