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Switchshop and ATL Telecom help Penwith District Council in the move to e-government

Switchshop and ATL Telecom help Penwith District Council in the move to e-government – and save them £25,000 a year

St Mellons, Cardiff, 17th June 2003; The District of Penwith can be found in the most South Westerly part of the United Kingdom. As part of its recent initiative to be 'e-government' compliant by 2005, Penwith District Council has in the past two years undertaken a major review of its IT infrastructure. As part of the initiative it is expected that all local residents in the District of Penwith will be able to access Council services through their home computer or even through their televisions by 2005.

Under the review process, it was identified that staff initially needed to be more empowered at the desktop. As part of the first phase of upgrading the infrastructure, the Council worked with Sun Microsystems to implement the Sun Ray solution, part of which enabled users to have access to office productivity tools throughout the Council's central office building and remote premises.

Moving from a text based environment to a full graphical solution had a dramatic impact on the required bandwidth both internally and, more importantly, with its remote offices.

Jonathan Groves, Senior Systems Analyst, at Penwith District Council said, "The original situation involved 9 telephone lines to access remote sites, which had 19.2k modems and on the end of each modem a multiplexer. This solution proved adequate for a text based environment, but the bandwidth was too small and was too restrictive for the new services being offered.

“We approached Switchshop primarily because we had worked with them before and they had always delivered excellent service. The solutions we had been offered, including leased lines were looking very expensive and we needed to upgrade our modems so they were reliable and resilient but also cost efficient.”

He added, “The final decision was made to purchase ATL Telecom's AM2048 modems because they met the criteria we had set in terms of robustness, reliability and cost. We fitted AM2048B's that were rackmounted and AM2048A's at the remote sites, which can be configured centrally. The installation took less than a day, and within this time the system was upgraded from 19.2kbps to 2Mbps utilising the same Baseband leased lines.

"The benefits to our users have been immeasurable. Council workers now have access to Netscape as well as the core corporate systems. People are accessing and downloading files within minutes, and can access remote machines from their desks rather than having to physically visit sites. We have not had to upgrade our EPS8 leased lines to increase bandwidth and have therefore not been faced with an additional cost of £25,000 per year."

About ATL Telecom's Modems
The AM2048 provides businesses with quality, reliable data communications. LANs can be interconnected over UTP cables or leased lines at a distance of up to 8km on 0.5mm cables. The AM2048 with e-PIM fitted enables users to interconnect LANs without the need for separate routers or bridges. Using AM2048 with G.703 modules, a corporate PBX can be linked to a remote office PBX, or mobile base station traffic can be back-hauled over DSL.

The AM2048 rack supports high density DSL, fibre optic or mixed media broadband service delivery. The rack accommodates up to 12 AM2048 card modems in any mix of copper and fibre transmission systems, with any mix of user interfaces. With AM2048 DSL modems in point-to-multipoint mode, up to 24 remote sites can be supported. Each rack includes an Ethernet Network Element Module for basic configuration and management (with an option for SNMP) and a simple dual power inlet card or AC Mains PSU. In-built diagnostic and alarm reporting features avoid the need for extra test equipment for commissioning. Remote powering of desktop DSL modems is another useful option.

About Switchshop
Switchshop is a Premier Distributor for ATL Telecom and this year, 2002-3 became the UK number 1 distributor for modem products. Switchshop specialise in the supply of DSL products to Local Government, Health and the Ministry of Defence, the product portfolio is backed up by leading manufacturers such as, Cisco, Nortel, 3Com, HP, Allied Telesyn etc. . All products are supplied on a 30 day trial and special trade in prices are available for existing ATL Telecom equipment. Technical support is provided on a free of charge basis and goods are normally delivered next working day.

About ATL Telecom
ATL Telecom Ltd, previously Ascom Telecommunications Ltd, is a privately owned company that specialises in the development and manufacture of voice and data products for the telecommunications industry. It boasts an impressive list of customers that include the likes of British Telecom, HSBC, Thistle Hotels and Marks & Spencer. It also exports to over 40 countries, with major customers in China, Portugal, South Africa, India and Indonesia.

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