Learn to love your network again!

Use Microsoft Visio Enterprise Edition - for the Barry White effect

Ever had the feeling that you’re slipping away from the one you should be most close to?

Has the thought crossed your mind that you’ve lost the plot about where the hot buttons and switches that you knew once existed?

Worst of all, do you feel a sense that there’s a lot more clutter around in your job that doesn’t really seem to have any purpose and it’s getting in the way of your ability to manage the important things in life?

If it’s a nightmare every time you try to map your company’s networking infrastructure, then you need Microsoft Vision. Called by some ‘The Barry White of the IT network management world’, it has saved many rocky relationships from despair and even physical violence. Visio Enterprise Edition automatically maps your network for you and delivers a number of tailored reports in the style and format of your choice.

With Visio Enterprise Edition, The AutoDiscovery technology used by the Discovery wizard searches your network and creates a database of the layer 2 and layer 3 devices found on the network. Information about each device is also gathered and included in the database, such as the device's network name, its IP address, its operating system, the manufacturer, the SNMP community string used by the device, and interface information. You can customize Discovery to include only specific networks or devices, or to discover every device on as many networks as you like.

So if you’re having a relationship problem with your network and you need professional help, Visio Enteprise Edition - the network diagram guidance counsellor - will ask the searching questions for you.

To find out how to ask Visio to help you re-discover a deeper love of your network, see http://www.microsoft.com/technet/visio/stepdiag.asp

To ask Visio into your professional life, call Microsoft Connection on 0345 002000.

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