Give Your Love Life a Spring Clean with Scoot's Easter Break-up Bible!

So now that the wine has worn off and the roses are well past it, is Valentine's Day a dim and distant memory, along with the man in your life? A recent poll conducted by Scoot UK revealed that only 18% of this year's Valentine's dates went on to become something more serious, with a whopping 82% of us resorting to the meal for one now that the romance has gone.

But never fear, Scoot UK has come up with some top tips to help you get over the heartbreak and find some romance, just in time for Easter!

Whether you're the dumper or the dumpee, like the old song says, "Breaking up is hard to do", but there are some things that you can do to help you 'pick yourself up and start all over again'!

If you want to dump your partner, but can't find the words, don't suffer in silence - come clean! Many people try to force their partners to break up with them by becoming bitchy and unreasonable - all this will achieve is bad vibes and prolonged unpleasantness that won't be fair to your partner or you. Bite the bullet and break the news gently - your partner will respect you more for your honesty.

If they still won't take the hint, why not play cupid; why not put an ad in your local issue of Loot and arrange for your partner to meet their perfect match......a job well done!

If you've been left high and dry by your partner, don't be afraid to cry, scream and feel generally sorry for yourself until you're ready to start smiling again - believe us, it will happen! To help you blub your way to happiness, why not log onto Scoot's cinema guide to pick the weepiest movie to go and see.

So you're single again, and feeling a little lonely. The phone goes and it's the ex, asking you over for a nightcap. That one last night of passion may seem like a good idea; especially after a few drinks, but it'll only confuse you both and result in you feeling terrible. Avoid at all costs - instead, why not find your local gym on Scoot UK and sign up for an aerobics class - exercise that won't come at an emotional price!

Breaking up is tough but keeping the emotional bond alive through phone calls and email will only prolong your agony and keep you hoping for reconciliation when you should be having fun! Whenever you resist the temptation to phone, do anything to get your mind off it, get your friends to talk you out of it, make a coffee, go out for lunch or buy a big bar of chocolate to make you feel better! The longer you stay away, the easier it will be for you to move on.

One sure-fire way to help you get over a break-up - whether you are a man or a woman - is to make yourself look a million dollars. Book yourself into your local salon and change your look; you don't have to do anything drastic, it could even be just a trim but you'll feel like you're giving yourself a fresh start. And the next time you see your ex, you'll knock their socks off! Check for your local beauty and hair salons!

It might sometimes feel like you've forgotten how to have fun, the mere thought of having to brave a busy pub or club might be enough to send you diving under the bedclothes. But having fun doesn't mean you have to start dating again, spend some more time with your friends - they'll be really pleased to see that you're on the road to recovery. Invite your mates round for some beers and a video, go to the gym or even join the evening class you've always wanted to take - a great place to meet new people....and potential new partners!

7) AND IF ALL ELSE FAILS..........?
Well it is Easter and you know what they say about chocolate being an aphrodisiac!


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