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Microsoft Announces Availability of Exchange 2000 Server Beta Messaging and Collaboration Platform Productivity of Enhances Knowledge Workers

Today at the fourth annual Microsoft(r) Exchange Conference, Microsoft Corp.
announced the availability of Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server beta 3, the
message and collaboration server previously code-named "Platinum." Beta 3, a
prerelease version of the product designed for testing and evaluation by
customers and partners, will be distributed to conference attendees and will
be publicly available from the Microsoft Web site in English, German, French
and Japanese versions today. Exchange 2000 is the reliable, easy-to-manage
platform for messaging and collaboration that brings users and knowledge
together. It provides an enhanced platform for messaging and collaboration,
increased knowledge worker productivity with Microsoft's new Web Store
technology, and access to people and information at any time, from anywhere.

"Knowledge workers are a company's most important asset," said Bob Muglia,
senior vice president of Microsoft's Business Productivity Group. "Exchange
2000 is a cornerstone in Microsoft's knowledge management platform,
providing powerful messaging and collaboration services for accessing and
sharing information across an enterprise and its key constituencies, such as
customers and partners."

Enhancements in Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server

The three design goals driving Exchange 2000 are to provide a reliable,
scalable, manageable infrastructure that enables 24x7 messaging and
collaboration with low total cost of ownership; to create a single platform
for collaboration and business applications using Web Store technology that
makes information easy to access, thereby increasing knowledge worker
productivity; and to provide knowledge workers with access to the people and
knowledge they need at any time, from anywhere.

Exchange 2000 advances the state of the art in messaging and collaboration
by enhancing overall platform reliability, scalability and performance,
while lowering the cost of ownership through easier administration and the
tightest possible integration with the Windows(r) 2000 operating system and
Office 2000 desktop productivity suite. Exchange 2000 also works seamlessly
with Outlook(r) 2000, the world's leading messaging and collaboration
client, to connect, communicate and share information with others. The first
product to include Microsoft's new Web Store technology, Exchange 2000
provides a single point of management and collaboration for the knowledge
stored and shared through e-mail, documents, the Web and business
applications. Beta 3 of Exchange 2000 also establishes a foundation for new
forms of collaboration, such as real-time data conferencing and instant
messaging, giving knowledge workers the ability to access and share
information across geographic, organizational and technology barriers.

Exchange 2000 includes these features:

* A reliable, scalable, manageable infrastructure that provides 24x7
messaging and collaboration with low total cost of ownership

* Integration with the Windows 2000 Active Directory(tm) directory service
and Microsoft Management Console, enabling single-seat management of a
unified enterprise directory for all messaging and network resources

* Multiple message databases, allowing administrators to split a single
logical database across multiple physical databases, reducing backup and
restore time, and increasing reliability

* Four-way active/active clustering with Windows 2000 load balancing and
failover services, for enhanced system reliability and end-user availability

* Fault-tolerant SMTP routing as a full peer to X.400, providing
high-performance routing and tight Internet integration

* Scalability to millions of users for hosted services such as Internet
service Providers (ISP) and application service providers (ASP) through a
distributed configuration architecture that enables services to be
partitioned across multiple servers

* A single platform for collaboration and Web applications using Web Store
technology that makes information easy to access, increasing knowledge
worker productivity

* Easy access to e-mail, documents, Web pages and business applications from
a wide variety of client software, including Outlook, Office 2000, Windows
Explorer, any Web browser, any 32-bit Windows-based application, the
Microsoft FrontPage(r) Web site creation and management tool 2000 and even
the MS-DOS(r) operating system prompt

* Seamless Office 2000 integration, with Office documents directly stored in
and retrievable from the Web Store, with Save/Read capability using native
dialog boxes, for a consistent, centralized work environment

* Support for Outlook 2000 Team Folder Wizard - a new knowledge worker tool
for Office 2000 that blends the flexibility and collaboration of public
folders with the intuitiveness of the Web enabling users create and easily
share items like Team Calendars, Team Contacts, Team Projects, and

* Integrated content indexing and search, enabling high-speed, accurate,
full-text search across a broad set of content including e-mail and
attachments, Web content, and documents, for easy discovery of knowledge

* Leading support for the Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Document
Authoring and Versioning (DAV) standards, enabling high-performance Web

* Complete application platform for Web-enabled business and workflow
applications, supporting OLE DB and ADO for easy access and navigation of
Web Store data, synchronous events for workflow and administrative
applications, Web Forms and reusable Web components

* Any-time, anywhere access to the information users want, when they want it

* Enhanced Outlook Web Access, a robust browser client with improved
performance, scalability, simple programmability and user-friendliness, for
mobile, roving and occasional users

* Easy access to shared information, such as Outlook 2000 contact lists or
calendars, published in public folders

* Built-in data-conferencing and application sharing using the
industry-standard T.120 protocol for real-time collaboration with client
software such as Microsoft NetMeeting(r) 3.0 conferencing software

* Multicast video conferencing services for user-friendly scheduling and
administration of geographically separated team conferences using Microsoft

* Instant messaging and presence information, enabling immediate
transmission of messages, opening up new avenues for collaboration and
business responsiveness

* An enhanced unified messaging platform, such as support for the Voice
Profile for Internet Mail (VPIM) standard and built-in forms that provide
access to e-mail and voicemail information from any device
The Exchange 2000 team has worked with customers throughout Exchange 2000's
development process to form a Joint Development Partnership to evaluate and
provide feedback on the product. "The Platinum JDP has proven to be an
extremely positive experience, providing my team with the opportunity to
learn about Platinum-Exchange 2000 while at the same time have significant
impact on the product's design," said Jeffrey Andersen, Messaging Services
manager for J.D. Edwards. "Exchange 2000 and the digital dashboard we are
creating with Microsoft tools will allow us to integrate our messaging and
knowledge management efforts, resulting in a seamless end-user experience.
We are excited about Exchange 2000 also being the basis for many of our
future collaborative efforts and applications."

Exchange 2000 Shows Continued Momentum for Knowledge Management Strategy
Exchange 2000 will play a key role in the company's knowledge management
vision, announced earlier this year at Tech(Ed 99. At that event, Microsoft
announced four knowledge management initiatives to meet the needs of the
21st century knowledge worker: digital dashboards to deliver the right
information to knowledge workers at the right time; Web Store technology
that opens applications to knowledge of all kinds; mobility and wireless
solutions to provide access to information any time, anywhere, and
intelligent interfaces to revolutionize the way people work. In support of
Microsoft's knowledge worker vision, Exchange 2000 Server provides the
messaging and collaboration services for digital dashboards, is the first
product to include Web Store technology, and offers a high-performance,
standards-based information server for wireless and device access.

Exchange 2000 Beta 3 Release to Be Available to Millions of Users

Exchange 2000 Beta 3 will be available in Corporate Preview Program kits
that will be distributed to attendees at the Exchange conferences in
Atlanta, Hamburg, Germany, Singapore and Tokyo; it will also be available as
a free download* and as an orderable package from the Microsoft Web site for
a nominal package and handling fee. Exchange 2000 Beta 3 will also be
available through TechNet and the Microsoft Technical Beta program. The
Corporate Preview CD will also include Windows 2000 Release Candidate 2,
Outlook 2000, technical documentation and sample Microsoft Official
Curriculum (MOC) to give IT professionals experienced with Exchange Server
5.5 the skills to deploy Outlook Web Access in Exchange 2000.

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