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SpeechWorks Launches European Drive at Voice Europe 99

US leader in conversational speech recognition technology invests in European market with UK
headquarters and award-winning solutions

25th October, 1999 - SpeechWorks International, Inc., the Boston-based leader of
conversational speech recognition technology and products for e-business solutions, will be
making its debut as a sponsor of Voice Europe 99 to announce its commitment to meet the
rapidly growing demand for speech-enabled information delivery and e-commerce in Europe.

With a proven track record in the US and Asia for providing award-winning transactional
speech recognition products as viable commercial solutions, SpeechWorks has built up an
impressive customer base, including major international companies such as United Airlines,
E*Trade, FedEx, Hewlett-Packard, TD Waterhouse, Manulife Financial, Stock Exchange of
Singapore, Continental Airlines and BellSouth.

SpeechWorks systems at these, and other companies, allow customers to speak into any phone
and retrieve information and conduct transactions automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week. Companies using the systems provide an enhanced level of customer service, free up live
agents to focus on customers with more complex needs and reduce call centre costs.

SpeechWorks in Europe

SpeechWorks has now established its European headquarters in Staines. The office includes
Europe’s first Rapid Prototyping Centre, where companies can explore the capabilities of
speech-activated telephone applications quickly and cost effectively. The UK HQ houses
several speech scientists and engineers, led by Eric Montague, SpeechWorks’ European general
manager. Montague came to the UK this year to set up the European operation from
SpeechWorks’ Asia-Pacific office. He has deployed numerous successful large-scale, telephony
applications including those at Northern Telecom, Deutche Telekom, Siemens, Telekom Denmark
and several banking institutions.

Working with Partners - SpeechWorks’ First UK Seminar 1.11.99

SpeechWorks is working with a host of leading industry players to develop its European market
presence. IBM, Dialogic, Stratus, Intervoice-Brite and Aspect Telecommunications are
co-hosting the company’s first free educational seminar on Monday 1st November, the eve of
Voice Europe 99 - to which over 100 delegates have already signed up to learn ‘How to Build a
Successful Speech Application.’ The seminar will be held at 7.30 a.m. at the London Hilton.
Call SpeechWorks at +44.0.1784.895.152 to register.

The Products

SpeechWorks brings to Europe its award-winning, flagship products particularly suited for
businesses in the travel, financial services/brokerage, telecoms/CTI industries:

SpeechWorksÒ 5.0 - incorporates several technologies patented by SpeechWorks and includes
SMARTRecognizerÔ, SpeechWorks’ core recognition engine, featuring a unique self-learning
feedback loop that continuously improves accuracy in deployed systems. Multiple Language
Support capabilities allow for the system to understand a variety of languages, accents and
dialects. SpeechWorks 5.0 enables the rapid design and deployment of secure speech
recognition applications that let customers buy travel tickets, sell mutual funds, update
account records, and conduct a wide range of other transactions automatically, complementing
web-based e-commerce.

SpeechSiteä -SpeechSite is the first product that brings the web model of self-service to the
telephone. The product packages auto attendant, information retrieval and commerce
capabilities seamlessly into a single, speech-activated system. Through one telephone number,
SpeechSite serves as a friendly, personalised "welcome mat" to any company -greeting and
routing callers who wish to speak directly to an employee, or allowing them to do business
through an easy-to-use, automated process.

SpeechWorks Presents and Showcases Live Demos - At Voice 99, Stand 216

At the Voice Europe 99 conference, Mark Holthouse, SpeechWorks’ COO, will be speaking on
"Bringing the Web Model of Self Service to the Telephone" at the speech recognition
symposium, sponsored by the company on Tuesday, 2nd of November from 12.45-1.15pm. There
will be live demos of real financial stock quote solutions up and running in the UK, France
and Germany on the stand (no. 216).

These lines are now live and can be dialled anytime, on:

Free financial quotes systems for Europe:

UK English (FTSE-100 and FTSE-250)

Free from the UK: 0800 096 2981 [or dial +44 1784 898 398]

French (Le Reglement Mensuel de la Bourse de Paris)

Free from France: 0800 911 595 [or dial +44 1784 898 637]

German (The Frankfurt Stock Exchange)

Free from Germany: 0800 1833 558 [or dial +44 1784 898 392]

About SpeechWorks International, Inc.

SpeechWorks enables people to talk to computers over the telephone in a natural way. The
company's award-winning solutions, incorporating several technologies patented by
SpeechWorks, are based on research conducted at and licensed from the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology. SpeechWorks simplifies and speeds the development of speech-activated
services for information delivery and e-commerce through its patent-pending DialogModules
and state-of-the-art SMARTRecognizer engine. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and
with international offices in Singapore, London, Montreal and Chihuahua Mexico, SpeechWorks
is a privately held corporation with financing from venture capital firms, Intel Corporation
and SAP. Customers include: McKesson HBOC, TD Waterhouse, E*TRADE, Hewlett-Packard and United
Airlines. To experience the power of SpeechWorks, please call +1.617.428.6988. For additional
information, visit

SpeechWorks, SMARTRecognizer, DialogModules and SpeechSite are either trademarks or
registered trademarks of SpeechWorks International, Inc. in the United States and other
countries. All other names are used for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of
their respective owners.

For further information, contact:

Nicky Wheaton or Sophia Henri


Tel: +44 208 434 5571 / +44 208 434 5526

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