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New! White Grapefruit & May Chang 180ml

Abahna white grapefruit & may chang scented candles have been awarded “Best Buy” in The Independent’s top ten candle review.

British luxury brand Abahna has been making the headlines once again, this time with its range of exquisite scented candles. The 2010 Walpole Luxury Brand of Tomorrow has combined a new enticing blend of essential oils to create a fresh and inspiring fragrance perfect for the summer.

Abahna is famed for its opulent range of bathing products, which are inspired by the therapeutic bathing traditions of the East. Its collection of bath foams, lotions and scented candles bring the 5-star spa experience to the home, and uses therapeutic essential oils and natural organic ingredients to invigorate the body, soothe the senses and ease the stresses of modern life.


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