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New Harsh and Hazardous Environment Enclosure Promotes Installation & Inspection Productivity

The EA enclosures have more wiring space

Safety and productivity are always top concerns for companies working in harsh and hazardous environments. The new EA (Easy Access) range of enclosures from Hawke International introduces a radical sloping design that makes installation safe and easy and simplifies inspection. The unit assures electrical safety in applications in oil and gas, pharmaceutical, energy, agriculture and other demanding industrial sectors where hazards are commonplace.

Working within a confined space is always time consuming so increasing hand access is the key to ensure faster installation. The EA enclosures have as much as 55 percent more wiring space than some alternatives on the market. A turned-out sealing face also allows tools such as spanners easier parallel access to gland locknuts. Glands are fitted via the base as per industry best practice. A 3mm gland plate or sheet steel for on-site punching can be chosen if preferred.

For safety, frequent inspection is a necessity in harsh and hazardous environments. Faster inspection is made possible by the cut-a-way side walls not obstructing good vision of all wiring. Retaining pins prevent the removable hinged lid from being dropped, giving greater confidence when working quickly – especially by avoiding drop hazards.

The sloping lid design has a further benefit in helping contaminants that may cause corrosion to naturally flow off without having time to adhere to the surface. A single piece gasket gives superior sealing performance with multiple lid fixing points ensuring sealing compression is equal all round, further preventing any ingress of unwanted liquids.

With nine industry standard sizes to choose from, swap-out or retrofitting existing enclosures with EA enclosures is simple and quick. A free product guide is available online

Made in high grade stainless steel AISI 316L, the Hawke EA enclosures are certified for Exe Increased Safety for use in Zone 1/2, 21/22: ATEX / IECEX / EAC TC RU / INMETRO. The units comply with ISO9001 and are also designed to exceed the latest standards. Rigorous third party testing is integral to the design process at Hawke.

To help designers to quickly configure their enclosure, Hawke provide a free, and easy to use tool called boxHUBB. 2D drawings and 3D models can be exported in a number of file formats, with pre-calculated bill of materials and power ratings. boxHUBB is online at

With more than 60 years of experience in harsh and hazardous product development for the world’s most demanding environments, Hawke offer full international product support and can also to supply their industry leading cable glands, connectors for safe live electrical connection, accessories and much more. Contact the company on 0161 830 6650 for more information.

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