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Becky Dickson, 29, was furloughed from her job as receptionist at the start of the lockdown but rather than throw herself into baking or writing a novel, she decided to launch her own business from home.

Singleton Becky, who split with her previous boyfriend in early 2019, said “I had registered with a dating site before lockdown, but it had all gone totally quiet on there. I wanted to keep meeting people and after doing some research and not finding anything I decided to do something about it."

Thinking that there must be lots of other singles locked down, she enrolled on an online web design course Becky learned how to build a website herself, before launching her own new dating site called

“The response has been incredible” says Becky. “I just started telling friends about Lockdown Singles on social media and word has spread like wildfire” she added. In just the first month the site had over 1000 new members and...

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