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Former Detention Custody Officer Explains How Officers Can Excel in the Business World

Alexander Seery

Alexander has a deep passion for helping people realise their potential and is determined to raise the morale of past and current serving officers.

Alexander Seery a former detention custody officer for the Nottinghamshire Police Force over four years, is the best-selling author of ‘Police Officer to Entrepreneur’, published by Rethink Press. The book outlines how former and current serving officers can gain the necessary business skills in establishing their own business. Alexander explains within his book that many conversations between officers in the force were surrounding their pension schemes.

Part one of ‘Police Officer to Entrepreneur’ titled ‘The Entrepreneur in You’ outlines how officers said that their pensions kept them “handcuffed to the job”. Alexander explains that there are three main problems that police officers faced within their role; a lack of time, an undervalued feeling and unstable mental health and wellbeing. The reality of these problems show that police officers feel institutionalised and believe their role is as good as it gets, creating a sense of inertia.

According to the Home Office, statistics for England and Wales in 2016 showed there were 122,859 police officers within the force, a decrease of 2.2% the previous year. Shockingly, in 2016 there were 108 police officers who took their own life.

“Even if police officers get another job away from the police service, their lives will still be dictated by policy”, Alexander said. “The majority of police officers that I became friends with felt overworked, overstretched, tired, lethargic, frustrated, deflated and bored, while many suffered with mental health issues.

“Police officers who are focused on their pensions are missing out on amazing earning potential as business owners. Besides, if they do decide to start their own business, it doesn’t mean they lose their police pension.”

A case study within ‘Police Officer to Entrepreneur’ mentions Dionne Buckingham-Brown, who served in the police for twenty-two years and is now the co-founder of Social Sales Academy UK. Dionne was reluctant to hand in her resignation due to concerns over her pension. Once she had frozen her pension at seventeen years of service to the police force, this took her out of the ‘pension trap’ mindset.

Dionne said “By the time I actually left the police force, I didn’t have many concerns. I knew that despite being a single mother, having a mortgage and other financial commitments, I would make enough money from my business as an entrepreneur to support myself and my family.”

Alexander is founder of the business training company Shifts to Success. This programme supports former and serving police officers in building businesses as well as teaching various skillsets of entrepreneurship.

Shifts to Success allows former and current serving officers realise their potential by offering practical advice to enhance their skillset to apply alternative skills to a career beyond the police force. Alexander has a deep passion for helping people realise their potential and is determined to raise the morale of past and current serving officers.

Alexander said, “On my business programme through Shifts to Success, I help ensure that police officers are not creating another job for themselves by teaching them how to set up the correct systems. By using these tools, they are in control of their destiny 100%.”

Alexander has recently launched a year-long accelerator course to help officers gain the necessary skills to excel in other career paths in business. The accelerator is supported by award winning business mentors who provide a series of live masterclass workshops. In addition to this, Alexander runs several one-day workshops with a team of experienced mentors to give first-hand expert advice.

For information on Alexander’s book, please visit Amazon to view ‘Police Officer to Entrepreneur’.

Additional information on Alexander’s business can be accessed through the Shifts to Success website.

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For legal purposes, please refer to Alexander Seery as a ‘Former Detention Custody Officer’ and not a ‘Former Police Officer’.

Alexander Seery is available for interview and would be delighted to speak with you.

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About Alexander Seery

In 2015 Alexander Seery built his first company with zero start-up capital to a six-figure business while working full time as a detention officer based in custody for Nottinghamshire Police. After resigning from the force, Alexander went on to create Shifts to Success, a specialised business training company that supports former and serving police officers to build successful businesses within their unique business industries and ideas. Alexander believes that higher valuations need to be placed on police officers’ lives and roles, by the government and other significant organisations.