Fab NEW Gainsborough Showers Site & Superb Online Launch Offers

Stanza electric shower, from £109
Stanza electric shower, from £109
GS200 Mixer shower, from £109
GS200 Mixer shower, from £109
Amazing value! Senator shower, £98.99
Amazing value! Senator shower, £98.99

Buying a sparkling new shower just got a whole lot easier thanks to a brand new website from Gainsborough Showers, which has become the first UK manufacturer to sell its showers directly to the public.

Renowned for its reliable, yet great value showers, Gainsborough’s new site makes selecting a shower a simple, stress-free procedure that can be completed in minutes – whatever the size of bathroom, type of plumbing system or budget involved. And the promise of next day, FREE delivery, plus – courtesy of those showers coming directly from the Gainsborough factory – its LOWEST EVER prices are bound to get value-conscious customers clicking…

Stylish, simple to install… and all from just £59.99

Easy to navigate and clearly laid out, browsers can choose from Gainsborough’selectric showers or mixer showers. The former are available in white or satin chrome finishes and there is a choice of three ‘engines’ – 8.5kW, 9.5kW and 10.5kW.

Meanwhile, for customers looking for the ultimate bathroom quick-fix, the Gainsborough Stanza ‘easy-fit’ shower is just the ticket. Starting at just £109.00, the stylish Stanza range, which is available in gloss white and gloss black finishes, can be retrofitted successfully into most bathrooms and has a number of clever features, which include –

- Being a direct replacement for some of Triton’s most popular electric showers
- Fitting straight into the ‘footprint’ left by the majority of other electric showers
- Super-quick, easy installation

Gainsborough also offers plenty of choice for browsers searching for a conventional mixer shower. Its smart, contemporary styled GS range starts at a very affordable £109.00 for the GS200, which is a chrome finished, thermostatic ‘bar valve’ type shower that comes complete with a height adjustable shower head. For customers investing a little more, the GS500 is that elusive blend of value for money, quality and good looks – its timeless ‘crosshead’ control, which can be built-in or exposed – would give any bathroom a fresh lift.

And at the upper end of the scale, but still leaving change from £270.00 is the chunky, classic-meets-contemporary GS700. Featuring a concealed control with twin, crosshead handles mounted onto a rectangular plate and finished in chrome, this is a statement shower that shouts sophistication – but that won’t bust the budget.

Make buying a new shower stress-free

Choosing a new shower can be a minefield. But thanks to Gainsborough’s clever,shower selector which uses a simple flow chart to help the browser identify the shower most suitable for their home
and plumbing system, the procedure is greatly simplified. In addition, the site features a helpful guide to different plumbing systems and boiler types – essential know-how when it comes to buying a new shower – and an extensive ‘Questions & Answers’ section helps to resolve some of the most common queries.

Super deals for online shower buyers

To celebrate the launch of the new Gainsborough site, browsers buying online will be eligible for FREE, NEXT DAY delivery. No hidden extras at the checkout – just an all-in cost and probably the best value showers available to buy online, anywhere.

In addition, there will be a 35% discount on Gainsborough’s popular 8.5 BC electric shower – stylishly finished in satin chrome and with a clever phased shutdown feature, which helps to avoid ‘hangovers’ of hot water, the 8.5 BC usually retails for £119.00. However, buy online this month and the shower will cost just £76.99, including VAT and free, next day delivery.

As if all that’s not enough, online buyers will also be able to take advantage of some serious discounts on Gainsborough’s Senator thermostatic mixer showers. Previously retailing at £209.00, the Senator showers are available while stocks last for just £98.99 including VAT and free, next day delivery, making these showers too good to miss!

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Need hints, tips and expert comment on choosing a shower? Read on for advice on the most common consumer queries from Gainsborough’s Lorna Stevens

What are the key difference between mixer showers and electric showers?

Electric showers heat the water as it’s used – this means an electric shower will put no demand on your home’s stored hot water. As such, an electric shower is a great choice for a secondary shower – for example, in an en suite or downstairs cloakroom – or if you don’t have a conventional plumbing system. Meanwhile, mixer showers require a ready supply of hot water – from a high pressure, combi or gravity-fed plumbing system.

What’s easiest to install? An electric shower or a mixer shower?

It all depends on what your bathroom has in place at present, really – and critically – what
sort of plumbing system your home has. If you have a high pressure, combi or gravity-fed system and are starting from scratch, you can have a mixer shower, although you will need to arrange for pipework to be installed. Similarly, if you are simply looking to upgrade an existing mixer shower with a new model, this should be a relatively straightforward job.

However, if you’re after super-quick installation or want to install a shower into a space where there has previously been no shower, an electric shower could be a good solution. Electric showers are extremely affordable and because they heat water on demand – rather than rely on a flow of ready-heated water – there is minimal pipework involved. For a stress-free install, Gainsborough’s Stanza electric showers are extremely easy to fit and have a range of features that makes them especially suitable for retrofits – right down to covering the tracks left by your previous shower.

I’ve got kids to think about – and I want a shower that’s easy and safe for them to use.

If you’re choosing a mixer shower and safety is paramount, ensure you go for a thermostatic model such as Gainsborough’s GS200. A thermostatic control will do exactly as it suggests – blend hot and cold water so that you have a steady, non-fluctuating flow of water that is at exactly the right temperature. On the ease of use front, opting for a shower that has simple, lever style controls will make it easy for children to use.

The latest generation of electric showers are also very safe. All Gainsborough electric showers feature ‘phased shutdown’, which means that hot water left over from your shower is gradually flushed out of the system, rather than being allowed to hang around, ready to

give the next shower-user a nasty flood of hot water! Another benefit of phased shutdown is that is prevents limescale from building up around the shower’s heating element – which can be a real problem if you live in a hard water area.

For the simplest, one-touch functionality, check out the Gainsborough Stanza electric showers, which have push button controls and a straightforward temperature selector.

We’ve just moved and have a shoestring budget, but I’d love to give our bathroom a facelift with a new shower. What’s available that looks good, but won’t cost a fortune?

Gainsborough’s GS700 is a lot of shower for its price tag – and whilst that’s impressive on its own, its looks won’t disappoint, either. The shower features twin, crosshead style handles on its control, which is mounted onto a smart wall plate. Fully thermostatic, it comes complete with a height adjustable shower head that has a rub-free head to keep limescale at bay and is finished in classic chrome. At £269.00, which includes VAT and free, next day delivery this gets my vote for bathroom revamps!

If you’re quick, you might also be able to get your hands on a Gainsborough Senator mixer shower. Previously retailing at £209.00, these terrific value for money showers are currently available to buy online at just £98.99, which is a whopping discount of over 50%. However, when they’re gone, they’re gone – so you’ll have to be speedy!

Note to editors – if you are using this press release after April 2010, please visit www.gainsboroughshowers.co.uk to ensure that Senator mixer showers are still available at the above price.