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- More than 24 million wheelbarrows worth of endangered peat is used unnecessarily by amateur gardeners every year.

- Forget the Good Life, British gardeners are living the 'Good Lie’, claims Garden Organic.

- Eye-catching claims on packaging mislead amateur gardeners into buying products that are damaging to the environment.

- The 'I Don't Dig Peat' campaign is launched to encourage gardeners to choose peat-free products.

Every year in the UK, the equivalent of over 24 million wheelbarrows of endangered peat is used unnecessarily by amateur gardeners.

This is just one of the findings from new research carried out by Garden Organic, the UK's leading organic gardening charity. The research reveals how in their quest to live the Good Life, made so appealing by celebrity gardeners and chefs, amateur gardeners are actually living what the charity has coined the ‘Good Lie’– in other words, in striving to be...

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