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Scientific instrumentation manufacturer uses 3D shape search solution to cut part development

FMB Oxford Ltd Manufacture and supply instrumentation to the scientific community. They are using newly developed ShapeSpace Enterprise 3D shape search technology to help them maximise the reuse of existing parts accumulated in their large library of components.

ShapeSpace’s advanced 3D search-by-shape technology integrates with all the major CAD, PDM/ PLM and back office systems used in the engineering and manufacturing industry. It allows designers to quickly find and re-use existing components/designs (even when a part number or name isn’t known or it can’t be found using keyword and metadata search because it is ‘too buried in the system’) and presents the results collectively for visual comparison in full 3D. This increases a design engineer’s productivity and reduces costs by avoiding the wasted time and expense involved in ‘re-inventing the wheel’.

FMB said, “The 3D visualisation provided by the ShapeSpace solution makes it easy to search and browse for geometrically similar parts without opening CAD files, so searches are quick and easy. We found that by searching for and reusing existing components we could reduce the number of parts we designed by around 5% – providing a significant saving on the costs of new part introductions. This is a very useful tool which was easily installed and from which we can already see very good business benefits.”

Avanquest ProcessFlows, providers of business process transformation solutions which help you ‘do more with less’, is the sole UK distributor for ShapeSpace.

“The business drivers for users in the fields of engineering and manufacturing are no different from customers in the Public Sector, healthcare or banking industry sectors” said Gary Pesticcio, Product Sales Manager for ShapeSpace. “They all want to ‘wring more’ from their existing system investments and deliver a higher level of customer service and profitability.”

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