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Transform Internet Explorer into a powerful and social home shopping tool

The free, online shopping browser application,, which was launched in Dec 2010 for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, is now available as an add-on for Internet Explorer. is a personal shopping assistant that brings the shopping mall and out-of-town superstores into your browser home page. It works with Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Bing and Blekko search, transforming your favourite search engine into a powerful shopping tool that finds you the best deals on the internet for things like TVs, computers, printers, music systems etc. taking away the frustration that often comes with shopping online.

What it won’t do is find you the best buy on a pair of black trousers, as there are just too many variables to make any price comparison accurate!

If you like the convenience of shopping from home and not having to spend hours going into shop after shop looking for the best deals, but miss the interaction and fun of a trip to the shops, delivers that social element you may be missing …….

Once you find a great deal, you can share it with your friends.’s built-in URL shortener – hence it’s name – allows you to share the information with friends and followers in social networks such as Twitter, Facebook etc. and by email.

How works:

• Once you have installed the bool.y browser add-on, search as usual.

• If a icon appears next to a result, it is a supported product site (currently has a database of 10,000+ merchants, which is growing every week), indicating that has found some shopping data on that product.

• The red icon indicates that ‘on-the-fly’ price comparisons and the latest money saving deals/up to date coupon codes for the item/s you are searching for have been found.

• The green icon indicates that deals and coupons only have been found.

• If you prefer to go directly to a known product page, you can still use to check out the latest savings and deals by clicking the blue icon on the left of the screen.

You can download for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox on the following links:

Internet Explorer



For further information, please contact Nick Light on 07899866913 or email