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A top dentist has urged Millennials to think twice about travelling abroad for dental treatment to mimic the ‘’blinding’’ white teeth sported by Love Island star Connor.

The 25-year-old from Brighton has boasted his perfect teeth have boosted his popularity with the opposite sex.
He claimed on the ITV show: ‘I do get a lot of attention from girls on nights out, I think mainly it is the teeth!'
'I went to Thailand, I found “them" on Google - a random dentist - flew there and just got them done'.
'Honestly, these teeth have worked wonders on me. I have lovely teeth’.

Connor does not elaborate on the work that was undertaken but Dr Christopher Orr has examined before and after pictures of Connor and said the coffee bean salesman appears to have had veneers – a long-established treatment which has been around for almost 30 years. Veneers can be done very conservatively, but sometimes they can be very destructive, especially if done in...

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