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One of many wooden cycle shelter designs

Shelters, canopies and compounds can be spotted in towns and cities across the country, and serve multiple purposes. Whether it’s a canopy to cover a walkway, a bus waiting shelter, a secure cycle shelter or a smoking shelter – Allpark have a design to suit your needs. And in the unlikely event that they don’t, they’ll work with clients to come up with a tailored solution. But what’s struck them recently is that many of their customers are ordering wooden clad bespoke shelters. So what’s the appeal?

It seems that the appeal is in the design. Functionality is as important as ever but when it comes to committing to these large products that can often dominate the landscape, it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that they blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Allpark’s wooden shelters, which are as attractive as they are functional, really fit the bill. Read full release

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