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DECEMBER 2018: Van drivers should be asking Santa for a new van this Christmas according to research from Vanarama, the UK’s leading van leasing company. The research revealed how dirty old vans are costing tradespeople money, with 75% of homeowners saying that turning up in a van that had clearly seen better days would mean they were less likely to offer them the job.

For van drivers, a van is so much more than just a place to keep tools, it’s their mobile billboard, where they do their invoices, and it’s where they might sleep when they’re on the naughty list. It’s also their brand, and in 2019 it’s time van drivers invested in their personal brand – a whopping 70% of homeowners said they wouldn’t have any confidence in a tradesperson whose van didn’t have their logo on it, and almost half (44%) would question both the professionalism and the quality of the work done by someone driving an unpresentable old van.

But it doesn’t stop there … a further 43% said they would immediately assume a tradesperson’s work is sub-standard, 37% would find themselves wondering how much business a tradesperson gets, and 35% would begin questioning a tradesperson’s reliability even before they opened their mouth. And with 362,149 new vans registered in 2017 – and the market on track for a similar figure in 2018 – that means over 700,000 brand-new vans driving around hoovering up the work with their gleaming paintwork!

If van drivers don’t clean up their act, they’ll be leaving money on the table as 80% of homeowners reveal that a dirty old van would also stop them from recommending a tradesperson to a friend. The research suggests that it’s time for van drivers to start taking the advice of the ‘clean me’ graffiti that’s plastered on their old vans – or better still, get a new one and clean up in 2019!

Andy Alderson CEO & Founder at Vanarama said:
“There’s important feedback for tradespeople here: homeowners want a tradesperson to show up, do a good job, and look smart while they’re doing it. The data is clear on what you need to do if you want to land the work – get a new van, sign-write it and keep it looking presentable. If you don’t, there are over 700,000 new vans being driven around by other tradespeople looking to swoop in – and 75% of homeowners will let them if your van isn’t up to scratch.”




This research was conducted by Toluna on behalf of Vanarama. The research took place on 29/11/18 and interviewed 1,000 homeowners.


Vanarama, is part of the Autorama Group, an award-winning commercial and personal vehicle leasing company established by CEO Andy Alderson in 2004 with a team of just three people – the company now employs over 230 at its Hemel Hempstead main office.

The company provides industry-leading customer service and has found investing in that service, and the staff that provide it, to be a successful formula for success.

That success was reflected in 2015 when Vanarama won the prestigious Lloyds Bank National Business Award for Best Small to Medium Sized Business, an accolade that recognised the company’s commitment to training, customer service and innovation.

The company has also been confirmed as a Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies To Work For in the UK in 2016, 2017 and 2018, with Andy Alderson being named Best Leader at the 2017 awards ceremony.

Vanarama is also is a member of the Institute of Customer Service and was awarded a Service Mark with distinction in 2017.

The Autorama Group has leased over 50,000 vehicles to British drivers since its founding in 2004.


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