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Cornflower Blue & Crimson Sunset AMANO

Question: What makes the perfect gift?

Collective wisdom seems to suggest the so called ‘perfect gift’ should focus on a long-term benefit or pleasure.

Don't just go for short-term drama folks!

That said if you can achieve both - that will certainly be a bonus.

If the same gift can also be ‘personalised’, that will add to the theatre of giving, particularly at Birthday’s, Christmas or Thanksgiving.

How do you know you have given the ‘perfect gift’?

Easy, you’ll get a; “Thank you for being so thoughtful” in return.

So following thorough and objective analysis we can say hand on heart, that the AMANO™ range of designer tongue scrapers is the refreshing solution that ticks all the boxes - for family and friends.

Here’s how you can personalise an AMANO™ Tongue Scraper – for the loves in your life (the Best Selling tongue groomer in Selfridges and Harrods folks!): Read full release

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