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The Bus Taking Covid-19 Vaccinations to Communities in London

The Vaccination Bus

The UK-wide vaccination programme continues apace but there is much hard work ahead.
There is concern in the Government at the rate of vaccination uptake is slower in some ethnic communities and with those vulnerable people where access to health services and permanent vaccine sites is more problematic.

As part of the effort to ease the issue of difficult access for some patients in areas of South and East London, Gogodoc have come to an arrangement with the NHS to enable them to use their specially modified mobile vaccination bus.
The bus is part of an effort to provide easier access for patients in those areas which have seen slower uptake, and is part of the GP-led vaccination programme.

Dr. Vijay Sivapalan, co-founder of Gogodoc comments,
“The bus enables the vaccines to be brought to areas where it may not be possible to set up a more permanent vaccine site. It also means that the NHS can be more reactive, targeting vaccinations in areas of the highest need as we move down the clinical groups. This will enable us to vaccinate the whole population quicker which will be instrumental in improving outcomes from covid and help us out of lockdown earlier.”


Editors Notes

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CEO for Gogodoc:
Raj Siva